lunedì 25 novembre 2013

Dad wont' be home

I was playing with Jamie, at home. He was my best friend and we were on my parent’s bed with our toys when the phone rang. It was my dad.
“Sorry Honey, I won’t be home for tonight. I have to go to Portland.”
“But dad..”
“There’s nothing I can do about it Steve. Your brother will babysit you. ”
I hate when my brother babysit me. He won’t let my friends stay for dinner, and he want me to go to bed at 9:00!
“Tell you brother please.” He said to me.
I was really sad.
I came back to Jamie and explained him that he had to leave, because my brother would be home soon.

“Why’s that?” he said “ he wont’ let you have any friend?”
“No…but we’ll meet tomorrow.”
“I got an idea!” he told me “ Don’t tell your brother your dad won’t be home!”
I was confused.
“Look!” he said, and then his arms became longer, his body hairier. He was an exact copy of my dad!! But he was still wearing his orange socks and his dark underwear.
“Do I look like him?” He asked in my dad’s strong voice.

“Yes dad..I mean..Jamie”
“Call me that for tonight, and your brother won’t suspect anything. Just give me his clothes. “
I was so happy! Maybe we’ll send my brother to sleep at 9:00 se we can watch a movie togheter!

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