giovedì 13 aprile 2017

You can have my dad's body

"You can have my dad's body, but there are rules you need to respect" I said firmly.
The creature in my dad's body nodded silently.
"First: no one can know that you are not my dad, this is between us. ok?"
It nodded again.
"Expecially my mom! She can't suspect anything! So you have to be very convincing."
It nodded.
"Second: stop strocking your cock. You're a grown up man, you can't behave like that!"
He stopped. 
"Good. Now say something in my dad's voice" I commanded.
He coughed and then said: "Hello Master."
"No no no, you need to be a better actor. Take a look to these video"
And then I showed him some video my family made during holidays to let it know how my dad usually behave. It watched silenty.
"You told me you have access to your host's memories. Is that true?"
"Yes master."
"Good, Now let's try again, say something my dad would say."
He coughed again and then said
"Hey Jim, how was school?" finaly matching my dad's attitude.
"That was great! Now get dressed we need to go out to continue our training" 
"Yes master".
Using my dad's memories he choose a shirt and a pair of jeans and then stand up,  not moving.
"This is the real test, to understand if you can or cannot remain in my dad. ok?"
"Yes master"
"I want you to take me to Alex's house. Do you know who he is creature?"
My dad remained silent for a moment, then said
"Your best friend since highschool, master"
"To be honest, he's my boyfriend. What do you think my dad whould have thought of that?"
"He wouldn't accept that. In this society to be gay is not good" he said without esitation in a monotone voice.
"Very good. And what my dad woud have thought about sucking my dick?" I asked malicious
"That you're a pervert, that this request is unacceptable"
"Suck my dick creature, now"
"Yes master".
I felt my dad's rough lips around my cock, moving silently. It felt so good. After few minutes I came, could resist any longer. All my seed went in the creature's face and he didn't react. 
"Go wash yourself now" I said firmly " It's time to go".

I waited for him in the car, and after few minutes he arrived and sit to the driver's seat.
" Do you know how to drive?" I asked 
" Yes master"
" Ok. start the car and take me to Alex's house".
" Yes master".
 " Now recall all the information about Alex's family. I want you to ask to Alex's dad to let him stay for the night. I need you to act completely as my dad."
" Yes master".
I was about to see if the creature would be able to fool someone, if it could stay inside my dad, or not. It parked the car and without saying anything approached the house and rang the bell.

 Alex's dad opened the door.
"Hey Carl " the creature said, perfectly recalling his name.

"Hey Buddy! What are you doing here?" he said smiling and hugging the creature.
Carl Wood is a very strong and muscled man, and my cock stiffened at the tought of him holding the creature's hand, believing it was really my dad.
"I was talking with my son, and.." he said looking at me " Jim, say hello to Mr Wood"
I was astonished, he was acting exactly like my dad.
"hello Mr Wood" I said.
My dad smiled
"I was talking with my son, and we decided to go on a Camping Trip and we'd like to take Alex with us" He said. 
"You son of a bitch! It's a terrific idea! I'd like to join you too!" Mr wood said smiling.
 "That's Great" My dad said " We'll leave tomorrow!"


giovedì 15 settembre 2016


'What do you mean you can enter other people's bodies?' I asked my best friend Davis.
'I told you! I found out I'm bodyhopper I can melt in someone else body.'
He looked serious.
'Davis, this is crazy!'
'I know! But that's true. My body can melt and I can enter almost everyone, having access to their brain, and body...I can become them!' 
Probably Davis was going mad. I remained silent.
'Ok, I'll prove it to you.' he said ' your grandad is sleeping in the other room?'
'Perfect. Wait here' he said, and left. i heard weird noises coming from the other room and after few minutes my grampa apparead 
' I didn't know mrs Wilson used to sleep completely nude!'
 I was shocked!
In front of me my grampa showed his erect cock.
'Oh Sorry! When I enter in a different body I can't help but having an erection! This is just a side effect!' My grampa said  

Then he took his cock and said
' Who would have thought your grampa had a body so well builded, and this cock??'
'D..davis? Is you in there?' I asked suspicious
My grampa smiled.
'Yea moron! I told you I have this power. We can say I'm completely your grampa now: I have full access to his memory, his knowledge and even to his mannerism. Let me show you.'
He coughed and then said in my grampa's voice.
' Hey champ! Remember when I used to take you to the lake? The first time I took you there you were 7 years old! And do you remember when you told me you're gay?'
I was shocked!
'You have all his memories?! You know I'm gay?'
'I do champ! But don't worry, your grampa didn't tell anyone! ' 
In that very moment we heard someone enter the house
'Hey I'm home' Said my big brother from downstairs.
'Davis! what can we do now??' I asked worried
'Don't be afraid champ! just lend me a pair of your grampa's underwear!' he said and then quickley got dress.
'Davis, what do you want to do?'
'Be calm! I just want to have some fun!' he answered in his normal voice. 
'Hi Grampa!' my brothere just entered the room
'Oh Josh, you're home.' Said Davis in my grampa's voice. ' How was school?'
'Mmmh Fine! I'm gonna take a shower now'.

'Ok, but dont' lock the door Josh, maybe I'll need to take my razor in  while!' 
'Ok granpa' He answered.
After my brother left, my friend looked at me smiling.
'The fun begin!' he said in his real voice.
'What do you mean Davis??'
'Don't you want to see your brother's cock? He's so hot!'
'Davis?? Are you gay too?'
 'Shh, you moron! Don't call me Davis! And yes of course I'm gay and your brother is a hottie!' 
I didn't think my friend was gay! It was a shock! We heard the shower and my grampa smiled.
'Time to take my razor!' He said and went to the bathroom.

venerdì 26 febbraio 2016


My phone rang: it was a message from my friend Devon.
I opened it and I saw a picture of my dad, barechested!
I was astonished.
' OMG! Where did you get this?' I answered
After few second another message
'Eh eh, Let's just say my invenction works!'
'What do you mean?'

'I'll tell you if you do me a favour: ask your dad to come to my house aftwer work. Tell him he needs to take a book or something like that for you' he wrote again.
'Ok, but why?'
'It's a secret!'
I did what he asked me, and my dad reluctantly said yes. He was working a lot in that time and he hadn't much time to spare. After few hours I heard him coming home:
"Hi honey! You're late!" My mom said
"Sorry babe!" he said kissing her on her cheek "What's for dinner?"
"Hi dad!" I said "Have you been to Devon's?" 
"Sorry Phil, I forgot!" And then seeing my disappointed face he added: "I'm working a lot lately, son. We'll take your book another time. ok?"
I nodded and headed to the dining table. 
"So, how was school?" He asked me, as usual
"It was ok.." 
I couldn't help but thinking about Devon's messages..Where did he get my dad's pic?

My mom went to the kitchen to take something and my dad start laughing.
"You idiot! You didn't recognise me!" he said with Devon's voice.
I stared at him without speaking.
My mom entered the room again and my dad said, as nothing happened:
"So, son, you were talking about your schoolday". It was his usual voice this time. 
I didn't know what has just happened! I was in shock, but then dinner went on as usual since I felt something under the table.
I looked under and it was my dad's feet that was litteraly caressing my under the table: he was playing footsie with me!
In the meantime he was talking normally with mom, and I felt my cock stiffening.
I went to the bathroom, took my phone and wrote a message to Devon:
"What have you done to my dad??" 
After few minutes I haven't received any answer so I came back to the dining room.
"Are you alright, son?" My mom asked me concerned.
"y..yes I'm fine" I said. 
 After dinner I went into and after some minutes I heard knocking at the door. It was my dad.
"Look, I'm sorry " he said. " it was just a joke, I didn't think you'll be so scared!"
"But why have you done something like that dad?" I asked confused
"Well 'son', I'm not your dad..I'm just wearing him!"
He said and then I saw Devon's face coming out from my dad's!!
"This is my invection! The body suit gun! When you shoot someone you transform him into a bodysuit! That's what I've done with your father when he came"
"So he DID came!" I was astonished.
In that very moment my mom knocked at the door.
" Can I can keep the part?" Devon asked, and I nodded. 
He put my dad's face again and said
" Come in darling, we were just talking about private things" and then blinked at me.
I smiled at my mom, everything was fine. 
Devon was really able to act as my dad: he moved like him, talked like him so he would have fooled anyone. He explain me that the bodysuit gave him access to all my dad's memories and mannierism, so it was easy for him to keep the part. 
We decided he would take my dad's place for the next day too so I called Devon's mom and told her he would sleep at my house. a
I imagined him sleeping near my mothers..but it was my dad's body, so nothing strange, I supposed but during the night I heard something.
"This body has some urges" he told me with my dad's mascouline voice.
"What urges?"
"Your mom is a beautifull woman...and this body react"
"I...I don't want to know about it!"
I looked at his long erect cock and he noticed me.
"Soooo do you like your old man cock??" he start laughing again
"Stop it Devon! This wasn't a good idea!"
"Suck it son!" he said in my dad's voice
"Stop it Devon!"
"I'm your dad. Now suck my cock"
he said leaning his cock towards me and I couldn't help it but sucking...



sabato 1 agosto 2015


I was sleeping heavily when I heard a weird noise. I woke up scared and I heard another sound coming from outside my room. The noises came from the bathroom.
I took courage and went trough the corridor. 
"Who's there?" I asked scared. 
Nobody answered.
I came closer the bathroom and knocked. No answer.
Suddently my dad opened the door. He was naked!
"Dad!" I said " Oh my good you scared me!"
He smiled. And it was weird because my dad was always so nervous.
"I didn't want to interrupt you!" I said " I'm going to sleep!" 
He staid still and kept smiling. 

I went towards my room, but I stopped because I heard someone snoring from the other room. I came closer and saw my dad sleeping in his bed. 
I came back at the bathroom and I peaked trought the keyhole and I saw something I would never forget: a grey humanoid alien was inside. I stepped back and he heard me. 
He reopened the door with my dad's appaerence but I knew the truth.
"Who are you?" I wisphered
He didn't answer.
"What are you?" I asked again. 
 No answer.
"Don't be afraid, I don't want to hurt you!" I said.
The thing that looked like my dad came closer and I took his hand and lead it to my room. I sit on my bed and it did the same.
"Can you talk?" I asked

"Can you talk?" he repeated with my voice.  I smiled.
"Wow! You're a fast learner!" 
I knew I couldn't let it use my dad's appaerence: what if he woke up and find his clone?
"Can you shapeshift? Can you be me?" I asked pointing my face with my finger. He seemed to understand and quickly shapshifted into an exact copy of me. 
"That's amazing!" I said astonished.
"That's amazing!" he repeated with my voice and the same expression.  
In the other room I heard noises and I knew my dad was waking up. My brother hasn't slept home so I knew what I hat to do: I opened my brother's facebook profile and pointed his pic to it. My double looked at me, then at the pic and started shifting. After few seconds he became the exact copy of my older brother and I put it in his bed. I knew he couldn't talk so I made him wear my brother's pijama and I asked it to lay down and pretend to be asleep.

He understood me and when my dad opened the door of our room he only saw his two sons sleeping heavily and simply went away. He couldn't know one of them was an alien! When I heard the front door closing I knew my dad was out and I went near IT. 
"He's gone now. You can stop pretend!"
It opened its eyes and smiled with my brother's face. It was so weird!
I decided to show it a video of my brother, to let it hear him talk and I opened facebook another time. It tried to mimic his voice and expression and at the end of the video he was able to repeat the same sentence and the same attitude. 
"Wow! You're really good!!" I told him, and he smiled back at me and pointed at the computer. I had several video of my family on my smartphone and I let it watch them while I went to the other room to make something to eat!
When I bring it a sandwich I found it with my cousin's look ( who was in the video).

"Hey what's up Steve?" He asked me.
I was astonished. Then I remembered that it was the exact sentece my cousin said in the video!
"You can't use that look either!" I said to it "My cousin is in Florida and it would be weird if my family found him here!"
He seemed to understand. I gave it the sandwitch and it ate it quickly.
"Did you like it?" I asked

"Yeah" he answered in my cousin's voice. Then I left it watching all my private videos, hoping it would be able to act normal. 
After some hours I heard my brother coming home and I panicked! I quickly went into my room and showed to the alien ( still with my cousin's appaerence) my best friend's facebook page.
He immediatly shifted into his form. He was perfect! I gave him a joystick and we pretended we were playing videogames like I frequently do with my best friend.
My brother entered the room and didn't notice anything wrong. I told the alien not to talk and he just sat pretending to play. 

My brother called me and I went into the other room; when I came back I found my best friend holding his big cock!
I was astonished.

He looked at me, but he didn't undestand why I was so astonished.
I felt my cock growing too. 

It was difficoult trying to remember he wasn't my best friend! Withouth thinking I went closer and start sucking his big cock. My friend's big cock. I heard it moaning like a human being and I loose control.
We fucked. I always wanted to fuck him, and it was a dream.

domenica 17 maggio 2015

Cool dad

My telephone rang. It was a whasapp from my dad, a pic:

- What do you think? Don't I look like Cody? -  There was written.
He was the exact copy of my hot classmate, and the pic was taken in my dad's bedroom.
My dad was a scientist and he was developing a new technology called "body suit project". It was the first time I saw him wearing one, and it was incredible! I was in school and the real Cody was sitting right next to me!
- Dad! Your invenction really work!You're perfect! - I answered astonished.
My telephone rang again.
- Meet me after school at the bar - 
I was so excited! I looked forward the end of the lessons!

When I arrived at the bar I didn't see anyone I knew, but I saw my dad's car. I came closer and there was a handsome muscular boy inside.

"Oh My god dad! Are you Your invenction really works!"
"Do you think so?" He asked me in a strong sexy voice.
"You have a different voice too!" I said surpised
"Of course son! I mean Matt. Do you wanna touch my biceps?!"
My cock became hard. 
"They are enormous!"
He smiled at me.
"Let's go home now!" he said to me. " I wanna show you everything!"
It was strange having this beefy boy driving my dad's car, and talking to me. At a stop two girls in an other car looked at us and my dad winked at me. 
"Hey girls!" He said "Do you wanna hang out?"
They couldn't resist my dad's new body and we spent a couple of hours togher. My dad was really good at playing the cool kid part.
When we arrived home he showed me his laboratory and told me that he has a bodysuit ready for me to try!
I saw it in a plastic bag, smooth skin and dark brown hair. I wore it.

 "Hey dad!" I said in a mascuile baritonal voice "I could be your older brother now!" 
He smiled.
"Do you wanna hang out, brother?" He asked me
I hugged him and we went out. 

mercoledì 29 aprile 2015


My dad was working in the yard, when I heard a weird sound, similar to a suffucated scream. I went there worried. 
"Dad are you ok?"
He was wearing a black undershirt and he smiled. He took a cigar at put it in his mouth.

"Do you want to smoke Joe-Joe?"
"What? Dad? I'm not allowed to smoke!"
He giggled. 
"Well, I want you to do it! Be a man for once in your life!"
And he start laughing. 
"Dad, are you ok?"
"Never been better Joe-Joe, never been better."
He was acting very dad has always been serious but today he was acting like a child!
"Do you want to know what makes me so happy?" He asked.
I nodded.
"The tought that tonight I'm gonna bang your mom's sweet pussy!"
I was horrified!
"And the fact that I'm gonna use your dad's huge cock makes me even more excited!" 
I know who he was, but I couldn't believe he was capable of such things! Aaron was my boyfriend, and I left him a couple of days ago. He was a possesser. A bodyhopper. He could enter anyone's body, and now he was in my dad.
"Aaron, get out of him! He's my dad!"
"No, little boy. I AM your dad now. And I'll make your life a complete HELL!"

I immediately called my mom!
"What's happening sweetie?" She asked arriving in the yard. 
"Mom! He's Aaron! Do something!"
She hugged me and whispered:
"Poor mommy's didn't know I could posses more than one body simultaneously?"

I moved away from her and saw both of my parents smiling at me.
"I'm both of them Joe-Joe" the said in unison.

I instinctively ran inside the house and found the boy I was dating, sitting on the couch and touching himself.
"I'm HIM know? I know you left me for him!"

"He has a nice dick, dosent' he?" He said removing his shorts.

"Come here Joe-Joe, suck my cock! You left your boyfriend for me!"
I was horrified! What could I do??

He came closer and said:
"You've done a big mistake lefting me. From now on, you'll ask yourself who will I be. Today your hell starts."

martedì 21 aprile 2015

Mr Wilson

"Goodmoring Mr Wilson!" I told Jake's dad.
He removed his sunglasses and smiled at me.
"Hi Tyler."
He was so handsome, so masculine. His left arm had a big tatoo on hit, and his chest was sooo big I could die!
He noticed I was looking at his body and I quickly looked away.
"Have you seen Jake today?" he asked and I could feel his masculine scent.
", I was just looking for him!"
He remained silent for a while, then said:
"I heard that you two are hanging out a lot."

"Y..yea. he's my best friend"
"Umh..and what about the girls?" He asked 
I flushed. 
"Well...we...we we don't see many girls"
"And why's that so?" he asked looking me directly in the eyes.
I panicked. I didn't know what to say. He was wainting for an answer. If I was asking me that it was becouse he understood we were gay!
And suddently...he burnst into laugher!
"You seem so scared Buddy!" his voice was Jake's.
"I'm Jake Silly! Have I done a good imitation of my dad?" he asked me with Mr Wilson sexy mouth.
"How is it possible??!"
"This morning I put some of those pills we bought in my dad's protein and after he drank it...He became a bodysuit!"

I was shocked!
"So they really works?"
"Of course they does! Can't you smell my dad's scent?"

My cock became hard. 
"What about we..going home..together...I could let you suck my dad's cock!"