giovedì 22 febbraio 2018

Evil friends

'Please stop!' I asked them.
'What do you mean Chris?' asked my dad.
'Stop playing dumb! I Know you're not my dad! And I know you're not my uncle!' 
'Chris! What are you talking about?' asked my uncle.
'I know you are Tom and Luke! So please stop lying!'
'Chris, enough of this nonsense!' told me my dad looking directly in my eyes with anger 'You're making me worry son! This is not fun! If you keep telling these fantasies of yours people will think you've gone mad!'
'We are just going to the gym Chris' said my uncle 'do you want to train with us, son?'
 'So, go home son. We'll be back in an hour.'


'Mooom! How many times do I have to tell you not to shapeshift into Mark!'
'But honey!' She answer in Mark's sexy voice ' It's so much easier to do my chores with this strong body! Look at these arms!'

My mom doesn't know I'm gay and I have a crush on Mark, my sister's boyfriend!

'yeah..I can see..But what if Julie finds out?'
'I'll just pretend to be Mark and she'll never find out! Now let me finish honey!'

martedì 6 febbraio 2018

Big Brother

'No babe sorry, I can't make it for dinner' Luke said talking to his girlfriend while I was sucking his cock.
'Yeah, I know, sorry, but my brother needs me' he added 'He had some problems you school they think he's gay...yeah it would be disgusting...he needs his brother to teach him how to be a real man'
His cock was so hard, Could you imagine my big straight brother letting me sucking his cock?
'I miss you too babe, but I don't want a faggot in the family. Am I right?....Yeah I knew it. Now, why don't you call some of your friend and have a nice evening? Love you. Bye bye!'
'Keep sucking' he ordered ' your real brother'll never know what he's missing..'
I smiled...It was sooo hot having my boyfriend in my brother's body.
'We are going to stay a lot of time togher now, baby need to be taught how to be a real man'

lunedì 5 febbraio 2018

My dad and brother secret

 I came home early that day. 
As I entered my home I heard weird noises coming from the living room so I silently went there.

Peeping from outside I saw something I will never forget: My brother was caressing my dad's chest!

'Stop babe, it's not the right time' My dad said in a weird voice that wasn't his own.
'Come on...' my brother answered 'Andrew won't be home for another hour..'
'Please honey..we have been so good this time!' My dad wishpered.
'You're right..soooo good. He wouldn't suspect anything! And I've playied the role of the perfect brother, I even pretended to be angry he won at Street fighter!' said my brother removing his shirt.
My beefy father removed his slip and my brother jumped on his lap.

They started to! My father moaned kissing Ian's chest and my brother closed his eyes in pleasure! I was astonished!
Both of them were absolutley straight!

'We shouldn't so that' said my dad 'What if Andrew find out that..'
'Sssh, he will not. Now remove the bodysuit I want to be the dad' 
My dad seemed surprised and then nodded.
He stood up and then happened something horrible! From my dad's body went out a teenage body..he was one of my best friend: Tyler!
My brother instead of being horrified, smiled and then collapsed. From his body went out my other best friend..Phil!
'Let's exchance them!' Said Phil
'B...but is it true they cannot be restored?'
'Of course not Moron! I told you before! they are just objects now...they are not people anymore! Now let me wear Andrew's father' 
He took my dad's body and wore it like a suit. 
'Now I'm the dad Moron' said my dad with a grin ' And I'm going to fuck Ian's perfect ass'

They started to make love again...with reversed roles!
' like it little beeafy cock in your virgin hole'
'I love it daddy...' Said my brother
'I should have been the dad from the beginning because you are a little whore..don't you?' my dad said in ecstasy .

I started to feel sick and went out...what was happening? I could Tyler and Paul enter my sibiling's bodies?? And what happened to my dad and brother??? I walked for an hour and then I decided to come home.
It was like nothing dad greeted me from the kitchen and my brother was playing videogame.
'H..hi dad' I said.
'Hi ace, I was just making dinner. How was school?' he said in his usual normal tone...I cound't believe he wasn't him!
' was fine'
'Hi Mark' Said my brother from the living room. ' Wanna play street fighter?'
'Ian...enough of playing! Have you done your homework?' asked my dad in a sternly tone.
'Daaaaad! Now now! I'll do my homework after dinner!'
'No way young man! Go do your homework right now!' 
I looked at them..they were really good impersonating them..
'Are you ok ace? Something wrong?' Asked my dad putting a hand on my shoulder.
' dad..everything is fine'
He hugged me.
' I love you, son. I should tell you more'
I was deeply moved..what was wrong with my friends inside them?  Or maybe what I saw wasn't real..just my immagination...
he is my dad. Nothing else mattered.
I decided to forget what I saw..maybe it was for the best!
' I love you too dad! I'll get ready for dinner!' I said smiling.

giovedì 1 febbraio 2018


'Cindy stop!'  I cried ' You are in my dad's body now! You can't behave like that.
When nobody was looking she showed me her tongue. 
'Cindy!!!' I cried again.
'Look, Peter, I'm the witch, I can shapeshift and I'll do what I want!' she answered in her real feminine voice.
'B..but you can't!' 
'Didn't you ask Me to take you out  and pretend to be your dad?' she whispered.
'Yes...but'.. I said
'But what? Don't I look like your dad young man?' she said in my dad voice out loud. Now people were staring.
'Yes...' I said ashamed.
'Yes..what?' she asked faking anger
'Yes Ci..Dad...Yes dad' 
'So Don't you think I deserve some respect from you, young man?'
'Yes dad...sorry'
'Boys need discipline!' she said looking around and I saw some customer nodding with consent.
 'Now go take your old man a beer Peter' she said pointing at the bar.

lunedì 15 gennaio 2018

Personal Trainer

' OMG! Did you really believe I was your Personal Trainer? Fuck josh you are so fucking stupid! I'm Erik, your best friend!
This is just a bodysuit which make me look like your PT's twin brother! I sent a message to him from your phone telling you were sick and I took his place!
It was so fucking funny looking at you making all those exercise and doing all I said!'

venerdì 29 dicembre 2017

My favourite Men

'Hey Brad, come here' my dad called me 'Let's take a picture with me and your brother!'
'Yes mom, could you take the picture??' asked my very well builded brother.
'Of course dear' She answered ' My favourite men in the world!'

Yeah...That's a pity that I'm the only one left alive! You probably won't believe but they are not my dad and brother.They move like them, talk like them, but there's a parasyte inside their head who took control.
'I'll fuck your butt little brother' he whispered smiling at the camera.
'Oh son don't be selfish' added my dad ' leave something for daddy'.

'Say cheeeese!' said my naive mother.