giovedì 29 novembre 2018

Father Figure

'Daddy...daddy!' An annoying child happily called me.
'I'm not your idiot, just using his strongh body'
'W...what dad?' He said panicking.
'What's your name kiddo'
' you're scaring me' He said.
'Look Jonathan, let's make a deal: I need to rest these big feet, so go in the other room, do what you want and don't bother me for an hour. Ok little shit'? When you'll come back your old man will be as good as new!' 
He started crying - What the fuck - I thought - how can a old young man cry for this shit! Nowadays boys are little cunt!
I started convulsing as if something was coming out of me, the young boy stopped crying and stared at me.
'What's happened?' I said in a faking confusion 'What am I doing here?'
The young boy moved closer looking me in the eye.
' that really you?'
'Jonathan...who else should I be?' I said in a fatherly tone 'Are you ok young man?'
OH Shit - He hugged me.
'Don't worry, everything is fine' I said caressing his stupid head 'Everything is back to normal'
'I need to rest now, son. I've fought against a monster who was trying to steal my body! But your dad is a strong man' I added smiling.
'Ok dad..I'll go to my room now...' He said confused. 
That's why I hate possessing father figures! As soon as his son went in the other room I start enjoing the fantastic muscles of that hot daddy.

mercoledì 28 novembre 2018

My Master, my son

'You're late' my son told me as I entered my house.
'Hush!' I whispered 'my wife could hear you!!'
 'I don't give a fucking damn of that whore!' He said looking me directly in the eyes.
'Sorry....' I said
He punched me in the nose.
'Sorry what?' he asked.
'Sorry master'
'I may be in you asshole son's body, but I'm still you master Tim, and I don't wanna hear any goodamn complains from you. Understood?' he said pressing my son's bare feet on my face.
'Yes master'
In that very moment I saw the front door opening. It was my wife coming home.
'Hi boys, sorry I'm late' she said and then looked at me on the ground. 
'What's happened??' she asked concerned.
'Aw mum! you'r here' my fake son said ' dad fell down just now, I heard the crush from upstairs' and helped me up. 
My master was good imitating my son, and his strong attitude in my son's body made mo so horny.
'Yes Sarah, just an accident' I said smiling ' don't worry'.
We had a normal dinner, my son talked about his school, his girlfriend, it seemed that my master had access to his memories...
'After dinner you are gonna come in your son's room and fuck my dick. Understood?' he whispered when my wife were in the kitchen.
'Y...yes Master' I said with a smile.

martedì 20 novembre 2018

My big Bro

'Come on Phil! What are you afraid of??' my step-brother asked me from the couch. He seemed so normal...
'I...I...I'm sorry, I can't do that!' I said 'What if someone finds out you're not Ricky?'
'How could possibily someone find out something like that, babe? Look..even the dog can't tell the difference!' he said rubbing my dog with my step-brother's big feet.
He was right I couln't possibily tell he wasn't Ricky, even the scent was the same. 

'This is our chance to live togher babe!' He ketp saying 'Your parents won't be a problem anymore! I'm their son now! And you're my little brother!' 
'No please...get out of him, I can't let you be Ricky'
 He smiled.
'I knew you would say have the opportunity to love your hunk of a brother and you refuse it! But don't worry I'll help you embrace this idea!' He said.

I couldn't stop looking at his boyfriend eyes...he stole my step brother's body...he is impersonating Ricky...Ricky..he's not my brother...he...Ricky....Ricky...impostor...body..possession....not possibile...Ricky....he is Ricky...he is my brother......

I fainted.
When I woke up my brother was watching something on his usual.
'R...Ricky? What happened? My head hurts..' I said
'What's up bro' He answered looking at his screen 'Dunno...I found you sleeping'
I saw his beautifull soles exposed and he didn't noticed it, my cock stiffened . It was so weird..I couldn't remember anything of that day...and it was almost evening.

'You shouldn't drink too much' He said laughing at me
''re right big bro'

- ready for part2?

venerdì 20 luglio 2018

Alien in my brother - part 1

'Are you in?' I asked the Alien.
'Yes master, I'm both inside your brother, and his friend' The two boys answered in one voice.
'What do you want me to do master?' the both speak at the same time again.
'First I want you to move just one body for now' I commaned.
'Ok master' my brother answered. 
'Second, don't call me master from my brother's body. It sounds suspicious'.
He nodded.
'I want you to look inside my brother's memories and start acting like him'.
'Ok moron' he said mimicking my brother's aptitude then took his phone and start texting while his friend's John kept still.
'What are you doing?' I asked
'Go fuck yourself, fag' he said
'Now do the same with John' I commanded again and John took his phone too with a bored expression, as usual. Looking at them right now no one could undertand that an alein was controlling them both.
'Remove your shoes dylan' I commanded
He looked disgusted
'Aww man! I knew you  were gay'. It sounded exactly like my brother.
'Drop the acting now' I commanded 'and remove your shoes'
He did as I told. 
'Make my brother ask for a massage' I said.
'Hey fag, why don't you massage my sweaty feet?' He said keeping his eyes on the phone.  
'Yeah man, make the fag massage your feet' added John. This initiative turned me on, even more.
I removed his black sock and felt his odour.

'John do you want a massage too?' I said maliciously.
'Sure thing fag, come over' he answered in his manly voice.
'Keep texting' I commanded 'Who are you writing to?'
'My girlfriend fag, I'm writing that I miss her' he said smiling

I start rubbing his meaty feet. It was amazing...

part 2?

mercoledì 9 maggio 2018

Evil Jacky

I knew my son was hiding I decided to keep an eye on him.
'Hey Jack are you ok?'
'I'm fine !'
He was barechested showing his perfect abs.. 
'Do you need something, dad?' He asked concerned.
', have a good day' I said and went out his room.

I peered from the door lock and saw my son collapsing on the ground and a fat man in blue boxers appearing behind him: he was Jacky, a notorious thief I was trying to catch!!
He laid on my son's bed and sighed in relief. 
I was astonished and immediatley entered the room and confronted the man,
'How dare you!' I shouted
'Where is MY son?'

The man was astonished to see me entering the room with such violence, but he quickly regain control of himself.
 ' If you want to see your son again, be very calm Officer'.
From downstaris my wife heard me yelling and asked  what was going on.
' Don't say a word' he commanded, took my son's body from the floor and wore him! I saw my brother's body shaking and then he opened his eyes.
'Guys are you ok?' asked my mom entering the room.
'We are fine mom' The impostor said in my son's voice.
'Ethan, why were you yelling?' she aked me.
'N...nothing' I answered looking in my fake son's eyes.
She said and left. 
'You're a little bitch' he told me smiling ' You almost got me caught'.
'You won't get away with this!'.
'You're an idiot officer. I've been your sweet son for almost 2 weeks and you didn't notice any difference.'
I didn't answer...he was right!

'You wanna know officer why you didn't caught me yet?  Because of this amazing body suits...take a look' He said smiling. 
Suddently my son's body started melting and was becoming my twin.
 'Surprised?' He asked with my voice.

'Look, I have your dick too!' He said holding an exact replica of my penis ' Not bad! I bet your wife loves it'

'' I said
'' He repeated with my voice.
I was astonished...he could mimic me perfectly.
'You see is a powerfull thing. This bodysuit can become an exact replica of whomever touches it'
He kept smiling 'Last week I was your wife..and you fucked me hard'. 
I was disgusted! How can it be true?? 
'Oh're soooo good!' He said in my wife's voice. 
I felt anger erupting but suddently he pulled from under the bed, my son's unconscious real body....

to be continued?

venerdì 9 marzo 2018

Lovers and BF

My boyfriend Paul suddently took my toes in his mouth..and I knew he wasn't my boyfriend anymore..
You lover is a bodyhopper! And the cool thing is my bf will never find out when he hops his body!  
Paul is so dominant, but when my lover is inside him he become the perfect slut!
'Keep sucking little bitch' I said with a smile.
He smiled back.
'Do you wanna fuck this little ass babe? Does he ever let you?'