venerdì 20 luglio 2018

Alien in my brother - part 1

'Are you in?' I asked the Alien.
'Yes master, I'm both inside your brother, and his friend' The two boys answered in one voice.
'What do you want me to do master?' the both speak at the same time again.
'First I want you to move just one body for now' I commaned.
'Ok master' my brother answered. 
'Second, don't call me master from my brother's body. It sounds suspicious'.
He nodded.
'I want you to look inside my brother's memories and start acting like him'.
'Ok moron' he said mimicking my brother's aptitude then took his phone and start texting while his friend's John kept still.
'What are you doing?' I asked
'Go fuck yourself, fag' he said
'Now do the same with John' I commanded again and John took his phone too with a bored expression, as usual. Looking at them right now no one could undertand that an alein was controlling them both.
'Remove your shoes dylan' I commanded
He looked disgusted
'Aww man! I knew you  were gay'. It sounded exactly like my brother.
'Drop the acting now' I commanded 'and remove your shoes'
He did as I told. 
'Make my brother ask for a massage' I said.
'Hey fag, why don't you massage my sweaty feet?' He said keeping his eyes on the phone.  
'Yeah man, make the fag massage your feet' added John. This initiative turned me on, even more.
I removed his black sock and felt his odour.

'John do you want a massage too?' I said maliciously.
'Sure thing fag, come over' he answered in his manly voice.
'Keep texting' I commanded 'Who are you writing to?'
'My girlfriend fag, I'm writing that I miss her' he said smiling

I start rubbing his meaty feet. It was amazing...

part 2?

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  1. So glad you are back. Really good story!

  2. welcome back! i hope you do more of this alien possessing jocks and they can use the memory!

  3. Really enjoyed this one!! Are you coming back any soon??

  4. I love it! Where can I read part 2?