mercoledì 9 maggio 2018

Evil Jacky

I knew my son was hiding I decided to keep an eye on him.
'Hey Jack are you ok?'
'I'm fine !'
He was barechested showing his perfect abs.. 
'Do you need something, dad?' He asked concerned.
', have a good day' I said and went out his room.

I peered from the door lock and saw my son collapsing on the ground and a fat man in blue boxers appearing behind him: he was Jacky, a notorious thief I was trying to catch!!
He laid on my son's bed and sighed in relief. 
I was astonished and immediatley entered the room and confronted the man,
'How dare you!' I shouted
'Where is MY son?'

The man was astonished to see me entering the room with such violence, but he quickly regain control of himself.
 ' If you want to see your son again, be very calm Officer'.
From downstaris my wife heard me yelling and asked  what was going on.
' Don't say a word' he commanded, took my son's body from the floor and wore him! I saw my brother's body shaking and then he opened his eyes.
'Guys are you ok?' asked my mom entering the room.
'We are fine mom' The impostor said in my son's voice.
'Ethan, why were you yelling?' she aked me.
'N...nothing' I answered looking in my fake son's eyes.
She said and left. 
'You're a little bitch' he told me smiling ' You almost got me caught'.
'You won't get away with this!'.
'You're an idiot officer. I've been your sweet son for almost 2 weeks and you didn't notice any difference.'
I didn't answer...he was right!

'You wanna know officer why you didn't caught me yet?  Because of this amazing body suits...take a look' He said smiling. 
Suddently my son's body started melting and was becoming my twin.
 'Surprised?' He asked with my voice.

'Look, I have your dick too!' He said holding an exact replica of my penis ' Not bad! I bet your wife loves it'

'' I said
'' He repeated with my voice.
I was astonished...he could mimic me perfectly.
'You see is a powerfull thing. This bodysuit can become an exact replica of whomever touches it'
He kept smiling 'Last week I was your wife..and you fucked me hard'. 
I was disgusted! How can it be true?? 
'Oh're soooo good!' He said in my wife's voice. 
I felt anger erupting but suddently he pulled from under the bed, my son's unconscious real body....

to be continued?

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  1. Please continue. Loved this!

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  2. Amazing story! Please continue

  3. I love it ! Please continue !

  4. Publishing any soon? Really like for you to come back

  5. Yes please! Continue