martedì 25 febbraio 2014

What did you tell her?

I kissed Janine, undoing her bra with one quick gesture.
Oh-my-God, she was so hot. I had to lie to my girlfriend to meet her, but it was definitely worth it.
I felt my cock tighten into my jeans, ready to remove them.
“What did you tell her?” She asked.
She smiled her evil smile
“Your girlfriend. I’ve heard you talking on the phone, making up excuses.”
she smiled again.
“So tell me, what did you tell her?”.
“That tonight I had to meet Joe because her girlfriend dumped him and he needed company.”
Joe was the friend of mine who presented me Janine, so he would play along.
I start sucking her nipples when I heard knocking at the door. It was probably Joe so I open quickly.
Out of the door there was my girlfriend smiling with a big cake.
“Honey, I just thought I’d pop in and say hello”.
“Oh great!” I said flushing, closing the door at my back.
“Why don’t you let me in?” She asked confused.
“N-nothing, Joe is a bit sad and I thought..”
She opened the door and walked in. I closed my eyes.

“Hey, how are you?” I heard her saying, and then my friend Joe answered
“You know, is hard.”
He was sitting on the couch only in his slip. The tv remote on his hand. His muscular body covered with hair.
“Sorry I didn’t mean to interrupt you!” she said.
Joe smiled an evil smile.
“Don’t say that. You know what? I fell better, and I think is time to let you two alone.”
I didn’t know what to say, how could it that be possible?
“Can I talk to you a second?” Joe said to me and we went in another room.
The moment we were alone he changed back in Janine.
“Surprise!” She said.
I didn’t have words.
“I’ve saved your ass!”
A moment later he changed again in an EXACT copy of ME!
I was startled.
“Now I want to be repaid for the great help I gave you, I’m gonna fuck your hot girlfriend, and you’re gonna wait here!” She said in my own voice!

"And please don't make too much noise from here"

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  1. really loved it... I've been waiting for another story for so long... keep up the great job you're doing...

  2. Nice story! The pictures are so hot.