lunedì 24 marzo 2014


"Lick them" My dad said. But I knew he wasn't really my dad.
Everyone has been bullied in their life, but my bully is very different. He's a possesser. He can be anyone.
At first I tried to react, I'm tall and strongh, but then he started possessing people. Sometimes he's my teacher, sometimes my brother, and he's making my life a complete hell.
I looked at my dad's feet.
"Please.." I said.
"Young man, be brave and lick them"
I knew he would not change his mind. When Trevor want something, he always obtain it.
I brought my face closer to his feet and then I licked his sole. It left me a bitter taste in mouth.
"Good boy" he said with an evil smile I've never said on my dad's face. "It's a pity your dad wont' remember it, it feels so good having your son licking your feet."

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  1. Please continue! :)

  2. When are you uploading stories??? Cause' they are really great...