mercoledì 23 aprile 2014

Fishing- part 1

"Hey Granpa! Goodmorning!" my granpa is always the first to wake in the morning.
"Hi honey. Slept well?"
"Yes Granpa!"
"Good Josh, Good. Because I wanted to tell you something, come closer!" he said smiling, opening his arms.
"sure granpa"
I went near him.
"Hug me, son"
I did and then he whisper in my hear: "You are a dirty little faggot Josh. You like your granpa too?"
I stepped back, scaried.
he didn't change his paternal expression, but he was saying terrible things!
"So...You want to go fishing son?" he said out loud.
What was he saying now? Then I hear my dad approaching from behind.
"What are you talking about?" he asked.
"Your son asked me to go fishing" said my "granpa".
"Good, good. You're starting to grow up son" Said my dad. " and your granpa is the best fisher ever"
My granpa smiled. It was an evil smile. Who was him?
"Please Greg, bring me some cigars now." My Grampa said to my dad, and he leaved us alone again.

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