sabato 31 maggio 2014

Good Friend

“Hey Mr Jones, are you leaving?”
I met  my best friend’s dad in front of his house, with a big bag  and his muscles exposed. 
“Yes Cody, the marines called me and I have to be at the airport in an our.”
“Oh,  Sport told me you’d stayed for the whole summer”
He looked sad.
“Yes, that was the plan. Sport’d be really disappointed, but work is work. I’ve left a note for him in the kitchen, and please, could you tell him that I’m sorry.”
“I will Mr Jones. Goodbye”.
“You’re a good friend Cody, Thank you”.

That was my golden opportunity.

Sport was playing football and he’d be home in about ten minutes, so I entered the house from the window,  went into the kitchen and throw Mr Jones’s note away. I had to be quick.
I found his dad’s bedroom and took a pair of  white underwear and a T-shirt  and I start looking for a picture of Mr Jones. That’s how I work: with a picture.

I found one in a drawer.
I start looking at it obliging my body to copy him. After few minutes my arms start growing, my muscles get bigger, my face changed. I looked in the mirror and Mr Jones stared back at me.
I put the underwear and the T-shirt on and I started identify with the character. I liked to be Sport's best friend but it would be even better be his strong dad. I want him to love me and to do what I say. 

It was my house now.
"Hey dad" Sport enterd the house wearing his football uniform.
"Hey Sport" I answered with Mr Jones strong voice. I was in the kitchen, making dinner for my son.
"Smells good" he said.
"Get immediately in the shower! You're late!"
"Sure dad".
I smiled. I like he calling me dad. He undressed in front of me showing his hot body. I pretended not to notice,but I knew it would be a great week.


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