giovedì 8 marzo 2018

Protective Dad

'Hello Brian, please stop for a moment' I said gently.
The little bully seemed surprised.
'Oh...Hello Mr Rowland'.
'Shut the fuck up, little SHIT!' I said smiling 'Did I tell you you are allowed to talk?' I wisphered showing my big arms.
'My son Jeremy told me you've been bullying we have a little problem here.'
'I'm so..sor'.
I pushed him on the grund. FUCK! I WAS SO STRONG.
'I told you not to talk.'
He remained silent.
'From now on, you'll be my son's personal slave. IS IT CLEAR? IF YOU TELL SOMEONE ABOUT THIS, I'LL KILL YOU. IS IT CLEAR?'
'yes sir'.
'Good. Now GO AWAY LITTLE SHIT' I shouted in his ear and he went away running.
It was easy. I quickly went home! I didn't have much time! I arrived at my house and peeked from the windows. My dad was reading the newspaper in his boxer. Perfect! It would be hard to explain if my dad would have gone out and found his exact replica.


 I tourned around the house to reach the back door and I went inside, and removed my dad's jeans and hid them.

 I quickly went upstairs and entered my room closing the door behind me. My dad would never say those things to my bully..he is such a homophobic jerk!
'I'm lucky to have these bodysuit' I tought removing it and putting it on the sofa. He seemed to be alive..identical to my dad's body.

My dad is a jerk..but as long as I have it, life can be easy.

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