lunedì 13 gennaio 2014

Angry Boyfriend

The doorbell rang and as soon as I opened the door my boyfriend stormed into my house.
“I know you’re with HIM!” he shouted.
I was shocked.
“B..but baby..” I muttered, but he was too angry to let me finish.
“Why are you in your underwear???I KNEW SOMETHING WAS GOING ON BETWEEN YOU AND JOSH!”
“Please, let me exp…”
“Let YOU what? Where is he?” he said and than he shouted again “JOSH WHERE ARE YOU?”
I was so frighten, my boyfriend has always been so calm, and it was the first time I saw him like this.
“Please, go away! Josh is not here!” I tried to say, but without even listening to me e went searching for him. He opened the bedroom door and he found it empty with the bed unmade.
I tried to calm him down but he was really mad and he heard the noise of a shower, so he approached the bathroom and opened the door.
His eyes widened.

“Who are you young man?” I heard my dad voice saying. I entered the bathroom and found my dad having a shower.

My boyfriend looked puzzled “I…I…” he was saying
“HOW DARE YOU COME INTO MY HOUSE, SHOUTING, OPENING DOORS. WHO ARE YOU?” My dad was so tall and strong and my boyfriend seemed a little cat in front of a Lion.
“Sir, I’m so sorry..”
“GO AWAY BEFORE I..” shouted my dad in his baritone voice and my bf went away without saying a word. I followed him at the door and he left muttering he was very sorry. I sighed and waited till the shower ended.
When I came in the bedroom I found Josh in his real form.
“Look Josh, I wanted to thank you” I said
“You’re welcome”
“He was so close…If you didn’t hear him shouting he would had found you.”
“ Yea..I’ve never seen him so mad…” he said.
“Yea, he looked hot so angry.” I added flushing.
He smiled and in one second his skin changed e looked like my boyfriend, he even copied all his tatooes!
“I’M SO ANGRY!” he said smiling and started to kiss me. “ I DON’T WANT YOU TO FUCK JOSH”.

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