giovedì 16 gennaio 2014

What's the problem?

"Honey, what's the problem?" Jessy told me using her real voice leaning closer. "You said you wanted us to spend more time toghter me but you couldn't because of your friends, right?"
"Yes but..."
"And now, I'm Andrew!" she said smiling Andrew's confident smile. "You can stay both with me and your friends and none of them will notice! That's not problem with me playing his part!"
"But what if they discover you're not Andrew? How could you.."
"They won't! Andrew's girlfriend is my best friend honey! She talks a lot about him, and I know everything. I can replace him with no problems. I had practise, you know? I've replaced him several times with her, and twice with you!"
"What??" I was astonished!
"Yes" she said smiling "Can you remember the pool party last week, when I told you I had to study? Where, if truth be told, I was there! And we had great time togheter!" She-he was laughing loudly, now with Andrew's voice, and one of our-emh my friends enter the locker room.
"What's so funny?" he asked "why are u laughing?"
"I was telling Josh about a girl I screwed yesterday!" Jessy- Andrew said and then added " I'll tell you later buddy, now is time to go" And then left.

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