mercoledì 4 febbraio 2015

My story - part 2

Since it possessed my grampa's body summertime became surprisingly fun. I finally had a friend!
It had access to all my grandpa's memory and it was able to stay always in character. Even my grandma never suspected a thing.
Of course he acted angryly, simulating my grandpa's bad attitude, but its eyes were always gentle, and kind.
During the night, when its "wife" felt asleep, he used to come into my room and we used to spend all night talking. It wanted to know everything about our world, not only from its body memory, but from me. During the day instead, it was the exact copy of my granpa: It always read the newspaper during breakfast, complained about taxes, nigers, watched sport in television and met its old friend during the evening.
But summer was going to an end, and I couldn't help but feel sad. I didn't wanna lose my first true friend. Day after day this tought became stronger and it noticed that something was wrong.
"What are you thinking about?". It asked me while it was driving. We were going to the grocery store.
" Did I do something wrong? You know I have to act like your granpa, or your granma could suspect something" it said worried.
" I know. You didn't do anything wrong"
"So, what?' it asked again.
" I'm just sad, cause summer will be over soon, and I..I don't want to loose you"
It was confused.
"Please, come to me to me, at my house."
He stoped the car. We were arrived at the grocery store.
" Goodmorning John" a friend of my granpa greeted it.
"' Hey Pit"
They started to talk. He stayied with us all time in the shop and I couldn't have my answer. But when we arrived at the car the first thing it said to me was
"Yes. Of coure I'll come.".
I smiled.
A weeks later was time to go. It erased my granpa's memory and went out from his body. I let him enter myself after I greeted my granparents and all became dark. It was like a long sleep. Did my granpa felt the same? Could it change my memory too? I trusted it. It would never do that. It told me e would left my body once it has found another host.
I breathed strongly. I was myself again. I touched my face, my body. I was in my bed. Then I started remember. I came back home, I had lunch with my parents, and then I called Paul asking him to come at my house because I wanted to talk to him.
Paul was a friend of mine, he was the closest thing to a best friend before I met it.
Paul entered the room e hugged me.
"Welcome back" he told me
"What do you mean?" Paul asked confused.
But I was confused too. Was that just a dream? Before I started panicking Paul smiled
"Just kidding! Yes I'm IT! And now I can be your best friend! Not your granpa anymore!"
I hugged it back! I was so happy.

It's the one the right, holding the glass. It's my best friend! 

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