venerdì 30 gennaio 2015


<<Who are you?>> I asked my Brother Ryan.
<<What do you mean?>> He seemed surprised.
He was playing with his playstation, but he didn't seem to enjoy it as usual.
<<I know you're not Ryan.>> I said.
<<You're a crazy Jerk>> He told me. Fuck! He was really good at acting as my brother.
<<Even if you're acting like him, and everyone seems to think you're him, I CAN SEE you. I can see your real face!>> I said scared.
He was astonished.
<<Your body and your voice are of my brother's, but your face isn't>> I added.
He smiled a creapy smile.
<<And who do you think I am?>> he asked.
<<You're Al, our old neighbour.>>
He remained silent for a while.
<<So you really can see me. do you?>>
<<Leave my brother's body.>>
In that moment my mom came back home, greeting us.
<< Hi boys! I need some help with the shopping>>
He kissed my mom on the cheek, and it was disgusting, and after lunch he left.
When he come back I looked at him.
<< Are you still Al.>> I said, notincing his face.
<<Yes, Bro. I'm a bodyhopper, and the fact that you find it out could be good or really bad for you>>
<<Yes. I can have a friend of mine taking your body too, or you can be a good boy and forget everything, start to consider me your brother.>>
<<T..that's sick, I can't>>
he smiled.
<<Plus, I know you have a feet fetish. Would your brother have left you lick his feet?>>
Saying it he removed his shoes and I felt all his aroma.
<<Come brother, lick them>>
I got so horny, and start licking those big feet.
<<Good boy>> he said << No one will ever know.>>

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