mercoledì 28 gennaio 2015

Dad's Invenction

12 years old Chad, was playing with his best friend Tony.
It was a sunny evening and they loved playing toghter. Their favourite game was "Dad and son".
"Let's play Dad and son!" said Chad. "I'll be the son".
"Ok but today it will be different!", Said Tony taking a big bodysuit from its schoolbag. It seemed made of skin!
"What's that?" asked Chad
"It's a bodysuit! My dad latest invenction! I stole it from his laboratory!"
" look like my father!"
"Yes, today I'll put this on!"
Chad start laughing! It seemed a stupid idea!
"Your dad invenctions never work! Let's play as usually without stupid masks!"
"My dad's invenctions work!" Replied Chad
The ended up arguing and Tony left. He was very angry.
Chad has only been honest, his friend's dad invenctions were always so silly, and he shouldn't get mad for somone telling him.
On the other hand Tony was very angry, and wanted to show his friend the worth of his dad's invenction. He decided to come back at Chad's house, and he silently walked in. Chad didn't notice anything, even when his friend went into his dad's room.
He quickly wore the bodysuit and then looked in the mirror: PERFECT.
He was an exact copy of Chad's dad.

He smiled looking at his reflection.
<< Good Evening, I'm Mr Willson >> he said in a strong baritone voice, to verify that the voice modulator was working. PERFECT.
He wore a shirt and a pair of boxer, then called Chad.
His friend walked in suprised.
<< Dad! I didn't hear you coming home >>
He didn't seem to have any doubt of his father identity.
<< Because you're always distracted by your videogame Chad.>> He said faking angriness.
<< Have you done your homework?>>
<<Yes, dad.>> Said Chad
<<Good boy, I'm gonna have a shower, and then we'll do something togheter son>>
<<Ok dad.>>
That was going to be very fun!

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