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My story- part 1

I hated summer.

My name is Tyler, and my parents used to send me at my grandpa’s house during the summer time. He educated my dad using the fist, and he used to do the same with me.  My grandma was a docile woman, not incline to question his husband’s will.
For this reason I used to pass a lot of time out of their house. I didn’t have friends there, and I didn’t understand why my parents want me to stay there!
One day I was walking along the seaside, thinking, when I heard a weird noise.
It seemed to be a suffocated scream of pain. But where did it come from?

“it hurts”

 I heard it, in my head.

I looked around, there was just sand.

 it hurts”

something repeated.

<<I can hear you. >> I said out loud. <<What are you?>>

After few seconds it answered.    




I looked down, there were some rocks. I moved one of them finding what looked like a green worm.


I was astonished. Was this worm communicating with me?

"What can I do?"


It was still.

I don't know why, but I touched it. And then all become blank. I felt something inside me, in my veins, in my brain.  

I woke up hours later. I was in my room at my granpa's house. My head hurt.

“It's normal if it hurts”

The green coloured worm was on my desk.

<<What happened?>>  I asked.

“You saved my life Tyler. And now you're home”

<< do I...Do you know my name?>>

" I have been insjde of you Tyler. I have been you. So I know your name, your relative's names, your habits, your flavours. I have looked into your pure soul, boy. I've felt your loneliness, your fears, your kindness.”

I didnt know what to say.

"I had to get inside of you, because I was dying. I needed energy. I became you. Normaly I would have lived your life for a while and then went away. But I wanted to give your body back as soon as possible as a thank you for stopping by when you heard my pain."

It didn't make any sense! I had a lot of questions, but I couldn't make my mouth to open.

“You are tired. When one of my specie interfere with your organisms, it's very stressful. Now sleep. We'll talk tomorrow”

I slept without dreaming, for more then 12 hours, then I was waken by my angry grandpa. He was complaining that it was a shame for me to sleep  at 11 in the morning.

I almost forgot what happened the day  before when I saw the thing hiding on my desk.

“how are you? Have you rested enough?”

"Y...yes" my mouth was dry.

"Go to have breakfast, we'll talk later"

I was starving, so I did what it told me. Then he explained me everything. His specie couldn't survive for long out of a human body, they lived as parasite the lives of others. They always existed, but their existence has always been a secret. We talked a lot that day. It was kind, and gentle, so when he told me he had to go to find a new body I felt very gloomy.

<<Can’t you stay a little longer?>>

“I can’t survive out of a human body Tyler”

<<Then take mine! Take my energy! But stay!>>

“If I stayed in your body, we couldn’t talk! It wouldn’t make any sense.”

<< I KNEW YOU WERE SICK!>> My grandpa just entered the room. << ARE YOU REALLY TALKING TO A WORM?>>
<< G...grandpa>>

"Tyler, exit the room"

I did what he told me. Few seconds later my grandpa exit the room too, and he smiled.

<<Sorry Tyler, it was my fault if your grandpa discovered us. I entered his body to change his memory.>>
<< W..what?>> I was astonished.
<< It's easyer talking from a human body!>> he said my my grandpa masculine voice.
<< Done! he won't remember anything about you, and the worm!>> he said. 
<< It's time for me to go>>.
In that very moment I had an idea.
<< Stay! You have the body now!>> I said.
<<What? But he's your granpa>>
<< Are you able to act just like him?>>
He took some minutes, and the he shouted:
I got scared! 
<< No one will tell the difference, but you. I promise>>
I immediately hugged him. And he hugged me in respond. 

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