venerdì 30 gennaio 2015

Drinking in Bed

<< What did I tell you about drinking in bed?>> I asked my 8 years old son. He was in my body, wearing just a pair of red underwear, in my bed.
<<That it's forbidden>> he answered in my voice.
<<Good boy. Now get dressed, you have to go to work.>>
He smiled.
<<Dad, you know what I just drunk? A special potion, made in the same shop where you bought the body swap spell.>>
I was confused.
<<So?>> I asked in his little body.
<<So, It will make you act just like if you were me.>>
In that very moment all became fuzzy.
He kept smiling.
<<Tell me, josh>> he asked << How old are you?>>
<<I'm 8>> I said showing my finger. W...WHAT? NO! I'm 38!
<<Good boy. And can you drink in bed?>>
<<No dad. It's forbidden!>> I asnwered acting just like a 8 years old boy. IT WAS A NIGHTMARE.
<<But what about dad drinking in bed?>>
<<Dad can do what he wants. It's his house!>> I answered.
<<Good boy. Now let daddy alone, I need some time by myself>>.

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  1. Please post more like this. I love it

  2. This theme of having Dad's body and Dad being the boy is great. Please write more of them.