lunedì 16 ottobre 2017

My friend Tyler- part 2

 ** Phil **

When I came home from school, I found Tyler in his underwear listening to music.

Tyler was a good looking kid but I saw him just as a friend. not mentioning his possession power that scared me a lot...

'News from your dad?'  I asked
'Not much. I guess I'm staying here for tonight'.

That was another opportunity to sleep with my dad...I was wondering if he remember what happened the night before...that he hugged me, and my cock started stiffening. 
'What's on your mind pal?' Tyler asked smiling
'N..nothing'  I said and went to my room.

I came across my dad's room and found him naked upon his bed.
I couldn't help but take a long look of his perfect ass. 
He was perfectly a statue...

'Dad...' I said...
no answer

I came closer. His eyes were open but he seemed unconscious....

'Phil? Are you ok?' I heard Tyler calling from downstairs
'No Tyler! Come over! My dad is...."
In that very moment my dad blinked.

'Phil, why are you screaming?' he said in his baritonal voice.
'! What happened?!'
'Nothing son! What do you mean? I just didn't hear you entering the room! I was just resting!"
 'S...sorry dad!'
'Nevermind, let me get dressed. Go to Tyler and have fun you guys!" 

********* Tyler *******

'FUCK! THAT WAS TO CLOSE!" thought Tyler.
I can't play both parts, his dad and myself..

In the meanwhile he was playing videogame with his friend Phil, whom he had such a crush on! Since the previous day he was possessing his dad to get closer Phil. The only way to make his crush understand better his sexuality was to guide him with a paternal figure. 
The night before has been so beautiful hugging him, even trought his father's arms.

'Are you ok Tyler? Your playing like a girl!" Phil said smiling.
What a beautifull smile!
' I can kick your ass anytime!" he answered.

There was only one way to get away with it: try to possess someone and keep controlling his real body too..
' I  have to pee' He said and went upstairs. He entered Phil's dad room and found his body still unconscious. After a possesion it takes many hours to wake up, and he was still sleeping. He put a hand to the man's forehead and tryied to put his power inside.

* Phil *

'Tyler was acting weird...Maybe he is still upset for the fight with his parents..' Phil thought.
In that very moment his friend came back from upstairs.
'Ready for another round?' He asked.
'Of Course!"
We kept playing Street Fighter since my dad came downstairs.

"Hey guys, how are you doing?" He said smiling
"Hi Mr Johnson!" 
"Hi dad!"
"I'm gonna order some pizza, is it ok for you two?" My dad said taking the phone and then went in the kitchen.

After half an hour we were eating pizza togher making small talk. 
Tyler drop his napkin and I went under the table to pick it up, and what I saw was astonishing.
My dad dick stood erect, coming out from his shorts. In the meantime he was talking with Tyler about football! I had never been more excited in all my life and the tentation of came closer and kiss it was overwhelming....


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