lunedì 25 settembre 2017

My friend Tyler - part 1

" I can't do it! He's my dad!"
" Of course you can!"  Said Tyler smiling in my dad's body.
"But...what if he wakes up??" I asked afraid
" You moron! he cannot wake up since I'm in control!" 
 I looked at my dad. It seemed impossibile that my best friend was inside him. 
"Look, this is your chance! Don't you dreamed of sucking is cock?" 
 To be honest, I always found my dad very hot, he's an ex-marine, but this isn't the way it was supposed to be...
"No Tyler, please go back in your body now!" I said seriously.
He seemed surprised,  and annoyed.
"Uff! You're not fun at all!" He said and then went in the other room.
" What do you want to do??!" I asked worried
" Nothing! You moron! You don't deserve my power!" he said putting my dad's boxer.
" Look..Tyler! Don't be agry!"
" I'll go possessing someone else!" 
In that very moment my dad collapsed, and felt upon his bed. 
I went closer to see if he was ok. He seemed to be sleeping.
" are you ok?"
 He didn't answer and I decided to let him alone, I was scared and preferred to go away.

When I came home, a couple of hour ago, I fund him watching football on tv, drinking a beer. "Hey dad' how are you?" I asked worried.
"Phil, where have you been?"
"Well, just hanging out with some friends"
"I want you to tell me when you go out, you know it" he said very serious.
"S..sorry were sleeping and I didn't want to..."
"Never mind, I had a strong headache, now I feel better".
I sit next to him, and couldn't stop looking at his muscled legs and feet while he was staring at the television. He was so hot holding his beer with its big masculine hand, I loved his strong arms and big shoulders. In fact I was starting regret my choice to stop Tyler.

"Phil" he said.
"Wh...what dad?" 
"Don't you have homework to do?"
"Y..yes dad, I'll go right now" I said and leave him alone.

While I was studing I couldn't concentrate thinking about those legs and arms..and suddently the phone rang. I went in the living room to answer and found my dad sleeping on the couch.

"Hi Phil, it's Tyler!"
"Hey Tyler, what's up?"
"Not much, just wanted to apologize for what I said before"

"W..well don't worry"
"I was just very " then lowered his voice "horny".
"Never mind Tyler, sorry I didn't want to take advantage of your power"
" I get it. Sorry I have to go!" he said and hung up the phone.
In that very moment my dad woke up.

"Who was on the phone, Phil?" He asked.
"Just Tyler, sorry I wake you up"
My dad didn't answer and went to the bathroom. I heard the sound of the shower and I imagined my dad's naked body. After a while he called me.
"What's up dad?"
"Hand me a towel, please. I forgot to take one."
I enter the bathroom trying to look at the floor, holding the towel. I felt my cock stiffening and hurried out the door. What was happening to me? Since Tyler told me that weird stuff I start thinking about my dad more than ever.

later, about 11 o 'clock I heard the sound of whasapp. It was Tyler.
<< Dude, open the door, I'm here>>.
 I came downstair and opened the door.
"Tyler, what happened? It's eleven o'clock!"
"My dad and I had a fight. And I decided to go away...May I sleep here tonight?"
"Well...yes. I'll ask my dad...have a seat".
 I went upstairs and knocked at my dad's door. No one answered.
I tried again and after some time I heard his voice.
"Come in"
He was laying in bed, wearing just a pair of boxer.
"Hey, It's eleven o'clock, I have to work tomorrow, what's happened?" He said.
"Sorry dad, but Tyler is here. He asked me if he can stay for the night..he had a fight with is dad.."
"Ok, he can stay, take your pillow and let him stay in your room. You'll sleep in here." he said and returned to sleep. My heart started beating fast and went to Tyler to tell he could stay in my room.

I approached my dad's bed quietly. It has been so long since I slept there..He was snoaring loudly and I couldn't help but grab my dick. It was pulsing with desire. I tried to think of something else but I knew I wouldn't have slept much.
Suddently I felt my dad hugging me from behind. I knew he was still sleeping from his snoaring. I remained still, but moved my ass closer. What was I doing? Was I completely mad?
I felt his cock so near, growing.  He was surely dreaming of something but it has been so hard to stay still with my dad's muscled arms around me. I felt his hairy legs touching mine, and I couldn't believe it was really happening!

I felt asleep and next morning I heard some noise from downstairs.
I found Tyler making breakfast.
"What are you doing, dude?" I asked.
"Just trying to thank you for let me sleep here!" he said smiling and offered me some eggs and bacon. 
 "Your dad just went out. I asked him if I could stay another night and he said yes!"
The thought of sleeping another night with my dad made me instantly aroused, but I couldn't let Tyler notice.
"If you had a fight with your dad..why didn't you just posses him?"
He looked suprised for my question.
"I I tought you didn't want to talk about my power..don't you?"
I nodded. I didn't want to know. Possess other people is a scary power....



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