giovedì 13 aprile 2017

You can have my dad's body

"You can have my dad's body, but there are rules you need to respect" I said firmly.
The creature in my dad's body nodded silently.
"First: no one can know that you are not my dad, this is between us. ok?"
It nodded again.
"Expecially my mom! She can't suspect anything! So you have to be very convincing."
It nodded.
"Second: stop strocking your cock. You're a grown up man, you can't behave like that!"
He stopped. 
"Good. Now say something in my dad's voice" I commanded.
He coughed and then said: "Hello Master."
"No no no, you need to be a better actor. Take a look to these video"
And then I showed him some video my family made during holidays to let it know how my dad usually behave. It watched silenty.
"You told me you have access to your host's memories. Is that true?"
"Yes master."
"Good, Now let's try again, say something my dad would say."
He coughed again and then said
"Hey Jim, how was school?" finaly matching my dad's attitude.
"That was great! Now get dressed we need to go out to continue our training" 
"Yes master".
Using my dad's memories he choose a shirt and a pair of jeans and then stand up,  not moving.
"This is the real test, to understand if you can or cannot remain in my dad. ok?"
"Yes master"
"I want you to take me to Alex's house. Do you know who he is creature?"
My dad remained silent for a moment, then said
"Your best friend since highschool, master"
"To be honest, he's my boyfriend. What do you think my dad whould have thought of that?"
"He wouldn't accept that. In this society to be gay is not good" he said without esitation in a monotone voice.
"Very good. And what my dad woud have thought about sucking my dick?" I asked malicious
"That you're a pervert, that this request is unacceptable"
"Suck my dick creature, now"
"Yes master".
I felt my dad's rough lips around my cock, moving silently. It felt so good. After few minutes I came, could resist any longer. All my seed went in the creature's face and he didn't react. 
"Go wash yourself now" I said firmly " It's time to go".

I waited for him in the car, and after few minutes he arrived and sit to the driver's seat.
" Do you know how to drive?" I asked 
" Yes master"
" Ok. start the car and take me to Alex's house".
" Yes master".
 " Now recall all the information about Alex's family. I want you to ask to Alex's dad to let him stay for the night. I need you to act completely as my dad."
" Yes master".
I was about to see if the creature would be able to fool someone, if it could stay inside my dad, or not. It parked the car and without saying anything approached the house and rang the bell.

 Alex's dad opened the door.
"Hey Carl " the creature said, perfectly recalling his name.

"Hey Buddy! What are you doing here?" he said smiling and hugging the creature.
Carl Wood is a very strong and muscled man, and my cock stiffened at the tought of him holding the creature's hand, believing it was really my dad.
"I was talking with my son, and.." he said looking at me " Jim, say hello to Mr Wood"
I was astonished, he was acting exactly like my dad.
"hello Mr Wood" I said.
My dad smiled
"I was talking with my son, and we decided to go on a Camping Trip and we'd like to take Alex with us" He said. 
"You son of a bitch! It's a terrific idea! I'd like to join you too!" Mr wood said smiling.
 "That's Great" My dad said " We'll leave tomorrow!"


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