giovedì 15 settembre 2016


'What do you mean you can enter other people's bodies?' I asked my best friend Davis.
'I told you! I found out I'm bodyhopper I can melt in someone else body.'
He looked serious.
'Davis, this is crazy!'
'I know! But that's true. My body can melt and I can enter almost everyone, having access to their brain, and body...I can become them!' 
Probably Davis was going mad. I remained silent.
'Ok, I'll prove it to you.' he said ' your grandad is sleeping in the other room?'
'Perfect. Wait here' he said, and left. i heard weird noises coming from the other room and after few minutes my grampa apparead 
' I didn't know mrs Wilson used to sleep completely nude!'
 I was shocked!
In front of me my grampa showed his erect cock.
'Oh Sorry! When I enter in a different body I can't help but having an erection! This is just a side effect!' My grampa said  

Then he took his cock and said
' Who would have thought your grampa had a body so well builded, and this cock??'
'D..davis? Is you in there?' I asked suspicious
My grampa smiled.
'Yea moron! I told you I have this power. We can say I'm completely your grampa now: I have full access to his memory, his knowledge and even to his mannerism. Let me show you.'
He coughed and then said in my grampa's voice.
' Hey champ! Remember when I used to take you to the lake? The first time I took you there you were 7 years old! And do you remember when you told me you're gay?'
I was shocked!
'You have all his memories?! You know I'm gay?'
'I do champ! But don't worry, your grampa didn't tell anyone! ' 
In that very moment we heard someone enter the house
'Hey I'm home' Said my big brother from downstairs.
'Davis! what can we do now??' I asked worried
'Don't be afraid champ! just lend me a pair of your grampa's underwear!' he said and then quickley got dress.
'Davis, what do you want to do?'
'Be calm! I just want to have some fun!' he answered in his normal voice. 
'Hi Grampa!' my brothere just entered the room
'Oh Josh, you're home.' Said Davis in my grampa's voice. ' How was school?'
'Mmmh Fine! I'm gonna take a shower now'.

'Ok, but dont' lock the door Josh, maybe I'll need to take my razor in  while!' 
'Ok granpa' He answered.
After my brother left, my friend looked at me smiling.
'The fun begin!' he said in his real voice.
'What do you mean Davis??'
'Don't you want to see your brother's cock? He's so hot!'
'Davis?? Are you gay too?'
 'Shh, you moron! Don't call me Davis! And yes of course I'm gay and your brother is a hottie!' 
I didn't think my friend was gay! It was a shock! We heard the shower and my grampa smiled.
'Time to take my razor!' He said and went to the bathroom.

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