venerdì 26 febbraio 2016


My phone rang: it was a message from my friend Devon.
I opened it and I saw a picture of my dad, barechested!
I was astonished.
' OMG! Where did you get this?' I answered
After few second another message
'Eh eh, Let's just say my invenction works!'
'What do you mean?'

'I'll tell you if you do me a favour: ask your dad to come to my house aftwer work. Tell him he needs to take a book or something like that for you' he wrote again.
'Ok, but why?'
'It's a secret!'
I did what he asked me, and my dad reluctantly said yes. He was working a lot in that time and he hadn't much time to spare. After few hours I heard him coming home:
"Hi honey! You're late!" My mom said
"Sorry babe!" he said kissing her on her cheek "What's for dinner?"
"Hi dad!" I said "Have you been to Devon's?" 
"Sorry Phil, I forgot!" And then seeing my disappointed face he added: "I'm working a lot lately, son. We'll take your book another time. ok?"
I nodded and headed to the dining table. 
"So, how was school?" He asked me, as usual
"It was ok.." 
I couldn't help but thinking about Devon's messages..Where did he get my dad's pic?

My mom went to the kitchen to take something and my dad start laughing.
"You idiot! You didn't recognise me!" he said with Devon's voice.
I stared at him without speaking.
My mom entered the room again and my dad said, as nothing happened:
"So, son, you were talking about your schoolday". It was his usual voice this time. 
I didn't know what has just happened! I was in shock, but then dinner went on as usual since I felt something under the table.
I looked under and it was my dad's feet that was litteraly caressing my under the table: he was playing footsie with me!
In the meantime he was talking normally with mom, and I felt my cock stiffening.
I went to the bathroom, took my phone and wrote a message to Devon:
"What have you done to my dad??" 
After few minutes I haven't received any answer so I came back to the dining room.
"Are you alright, son?" My mom asked me concerned.
"y..yes I'm fine" I said. 
 After dinner I went into and after some minutes I heard knocking at the door. It was my dad.
"Look, I'm sorry " he said. " it was just a joke, I didn't think you'll be so scared!"
"But why have you done something like that dad?" I asked confused
"Well 'son', I'm not your dad..I'm just wearing him!"
He said and then I saw Devon's face coming out from my dad's!!
"This is my invection! The body suit gun! When you shoot someone you transform him into a bodysuit! That's what I've done with your father when he came"
"So he DID came!" I was astonished.
In that very moment my mom knocked at the door.
" Can I can keep the part?" Devon asked, and I nodded. 
He put my dad's face again and said
" Come in darling, we were just talking about private things" and then blinked at me.
I smiled at my mom, everything was fine. 
Devon was really able to act as my dad: he moved like him, talked like him so he would have fooled anyone. He explain me that the bodysuit gave him access to all my dad's memories and mannierism, so it was easy for him to keep the part. 
We decided he would take my dad's place for the next day too so I called Devon's mom and told her he would sleep at my house. a
I imagined him sleeping near my mothers..but it was my dad's body, so nothing strange, I supposed but during the night I heard something.
"This body has some urges" he told me with my dad's mascouline voice.
"What urges?"
"Your mom is a beautifull woman...and this body react"
"I...I don't want to know about it!"
I looked at his long erect cock and he noticed me.
"Soooo do you like your old man cock??" he start laughing again
"Stop it Devon! This wasn't a good idea!"
"Suck it son!" he said in my dad's voice
"Stop it Devon!"
"I'm your dad. Now suck my cock"
he said leaning his cock towards me and I couldn't help it but sucking...



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