sabato 1 agosto 2015


I was sleeping heavily when I heard a weird noise. I woke up scared and I heard another sound coming from outside my room. The noises came from the bathroom.
I took courage and went trough the corridor. 
"Who's there?" I asked scared. 
Nobody answered.
I came closer the bathroom and knocked. No answer.
Suddently my dad opened the door. He was naked!
"Dad!" I said " Oh my good you scared me!"
He smiled. And it was weird because my dad was always so nervous.
"I didn't want to interrupt you!" I said " I'm going to sleep!" 
He staid still and kept smiling. 

I went towards my room, but I stopped because I heard someone snoring from the other room. I came closer and saw my dad sleeping in his bed. 
I came back at the bathroom and I peaked trought the keyhole and I saw something I would never forget: a grey humanoid alien was inside. I stepped back and he heard me. 
He reopened the door with my dad's appaerence but I knew the truth.
"Who are you?" I wisphered
He didn't answer.
"What are you?" I asked again. 
 No answer.
"Don't be afraid, I don't want to hurt you!" I said.
The thing that looked like my dad came closer and I took his hand and lead it to my room. I sit on my bed and it did the same.
"Can you talk?" I asked

"Can you talk?" he repeated with my voice.  I smiled.
"Wow! You're a fast learner!" 
I knew I couldn't let it use my dad's appaerence: what if he woke up and find his clone?
"Can you shapeshift? Can you be me?" I asked pointing my face with my finger. He seemed to understand and quickly shapshifted into an exact copy of me. 
"That's amazing!" I said astonished.
"That's amazing!" he repeated with my voice and the same expression.  
In the other room I heard noises and I knew my dad was waking up. My brother hasn't slept home so I knew what I hat to do: I opened my brother's facebook profile and pointed his pic to it. My double looked at me, then at the pic and started shifting. After few seconds he became the exact copy of my older brother and I put it in his bed. I knew he couldn't talk so I made him wear my brother's pijama and I asked it to lay down and pretend to be asleep.

He understood me and when my dad opened the door of our room he only saw his two sons sleeping heavily and simply went away. He couldn't know one of them was an alien! When I heard the front door closing I knew my dad was out and I went near IT. 
"He's gone now. You can stop pretend!"
It opened its eyes and smiled with my brother's face. It was so weird!
I decided to show it a video of my brother, to let it hear him talk and I opened facebook another time. It tried to mimic his voice and expression and at the end of the video he was able to repeat the same sentence and the same attitude. 
"Wow! You're really good!!" I told him, and he smiled back at me and pointed at the computer. I had several video of my family on my smartphone and I let it watch them while I went to the other room to make something to eat!
When I bring it a sandwich I found it with my cousin's look ( who was in the video).

"Hey what's up Steve?" He asked me.
I was astonished. Then I remembered that it was the exact sentece my cousin said in the video!
"You can't use that look either!" I said to it "My cousin is in Florida and it would be weird if my family found him here!"
He seemed to understand. I gave it the sandwitch and it ate it quickly.
"Did you like it?" I asked

"Yeah" he answered in my cousin's voice. Then I left it watching all my private videos, hoping it would be able to act normal. 
After some hours I heard my brother coming home and I panicked! I quickly went into my room and showed to the alien ( still with my cousin's appaerence) my best friend's facebook page.
He immediatly shifted into his form. He was perfect! I gave him a joystick and we pretended we were playing videogames like I frequently do with my best friend.
My brother entered the room and didn't notice anything wrong. I told the alien not to talk and he just sat pretending to play. 

My brother called me and I went into the other room; when I came back I found my best friend holding his big cock!
I was astonished.

He looked at me, but he didn't undestand why I was so astonished.
I felt my cock growing too. 

It was difficoult trying to remember he wasn't my best friend! Withouth thinking I went closer and start sucking his big cock. My friend's big cock. I heard it moaning like a human being and I loose control.
We fucked. I always wanted to fuck him, and it was a dream.

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