domenica 17 maggio 2015

Cool dad

My telephone rang. It was a whasapp from my dad, a pic:

- What do you think? Don't I look like Cody? -  There was written.
He was the exact copy of my hot classmate, and the pic was taken in my dad's bedroom.
My dad was a scientist and he was developing a new technology called "body suit project". It was the first time I saw him wearing one, and it was incredible! I was in school and the real Cody was sitting right next to me!
- Dad! Your invenction really work!You're perfect! - I answered astonished.
My telephone rang again.
- Meet me after school at the bar - 
I was so excited! I looked forward the end of the lessons!

When I arrived at the bar I didn't see anyone I knew, but I saw my dad's car. I came closer and there was a handsome muscular boy inside.

"Oh My god dad! Are you Your invenction really works!"
"Do you think so?" He asked me in a strong sexy voice.
"You have a different voice too!" I said surpised
"Of course son! I mean Matt. Do you wanna touch my biceps?!"
My cock became hard. 
"They are enormous!"
He smiled at me.
"Let's go home now!" he said to me. " I wanna show you everything!"
It was strange having this beefy boy driving my dad's car, and talking to me. At a stop two girls in an other car looked at us and my dad winked at me. 
"Hey girls!" He said "Do you wanna hang out?"
They couldn't resist my dad's new body and we spent a couple of hours togher. My dad was really good at playing the cool kid part.
When we arrived home he showed me his laboratory and told me that he has a bodysuit ready for me to try!
I saw it in a plastic bag, smooth skin and dark brown hair. I wore it.

 "Hey dad!" I said in a mascuile baritonal voice "I could be your older brother now!" 
He smiled.
"Do you wanna hang out, brother?" He asked me
I hugged him and we went out. 

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