mercoledì 29 aprile 2015


My dad was working in the yard, when I heard a weird sound, similar to a suffucated scream. I went there worried. 
"Dad are you ok?"
He was wearing a black undershirt and he smiled. He took a cigar at put it in his mouth.

"Do you want to smoke Joe-Joe?"
"What? Dad? I'm not allowed to smoke!"
He giggled. 
"Well, I want you to do it! Be a man for once in your life!"
And he start laughing. 
"Dad, are you ok?"
"Never been better Joe-Joe, never been better."
He was acting very dad has always been serious but today he was acting like a child!
"Do you want to know what makes me so happy?" He asked.
I nodded.
"The tought that tonight I'm gonna bang your mom's sweet pussy!"
I was horrified!
"And the fact that I'm gonna use your dad's huge cock makes me even more excited!" 
I know who he was, but I couldn't believe he was capable of such things! Aaron was my boyfriend, and I left him a couple of days ago. He was a possesser. A bodyhopper. He could enter anyone's body, and now he was in my dad.
"Aaron, get out of him! He's my dad!"
"No, little boy. I AM your dad now. And I'll make your life a complete HELL!"

I immediately called my mom!
"What's happening sweetie?" She asked arriving in the yard. 
"Mom! He's Aaron! Do something!"
She hugged me and whispered:
"Poor mommy's didn't know I could posses more than one body simultaneously?"

I moved away from her and saw both of my parents smiling at me.
"I'm both of them Joe-Joe" the said in unison.

I instinctively ran inside the house and found the boy I was dating, sitting on the couch and touching himself.
"I'm HIM know? I know you left me for him!"

"He has a nice dick, dosent' he?" He said removing his shorts.

"Come here Joe-Joe, suck my cock! You left your boyfriend for me!"
I was horrified! What could I do??

He came closer and said:
"You've done a big mistake lefting me. From now on, you'll ask yourself who will I be. Today your hell starts."

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