martedì 21 aprile 2015

Mr Wilson

"Goodmoring Mr Wilson!" I told Jake's dad.
He removed his sunglasses and smiled at me.
"Hi Tyler."
He was so handsome, so masculine. His left arm had a big tatoo on hit, and his chest was sooo big I could die!
He noticed I was looking at his body and I quickly looked away.
"Have you seen Jake today?" he asked and I could feel his masculine scent.
", I was just looking for him!"
He remained silent for a while, then said:
"I heard that you two are hanging out a lot."

"Y..yea. he's my best friend"
"Umh..and what about the girls?" He asked 
I flushed. 
"Well...we...we we don't see many girls"
"And why's that so?" he asked looking me directly in the eyes.
I panicked. I didn't know what to say. He was wainting for an answer. If I was asking me that it was becouse he understood we were gay!
And suddently...he burnst into laugher!
"You seem so scared Buddy!" his voice was Jake's.
"I'm Jake Silly! Have I done a good imitation of my dad?" he asked me with Mr Wilson sexy mouth.
"How is it possible??!"
"This morning I put some of those pills we bought in my dad's protein and after he drank it...He became a bodysuit!"

I was shocked!
"So they really works?"
"Of course they does! Can't you smell my dad's scent?"

My cock became hard. 
"What about we..going home..together...I could let you suck my dad's cock!"

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