venerdì 17 aprile 2015

Bulleid - 3 part

"Hi Mike, I'm doctor Ford."
"Goodmorning doctor." I said 
He seemed nice, about in his 40's , wearing a dark suit.
"Do you know why you're here Mike?" 
I remained silent for a while, then took courage and speak:
"Yes doctor. My parents sent me....because...lately..."

He was listening closely so I went on:
"Lately...they think I'm making up weird stuff".
He smiled.
"What kind of weird stuff?" 
I breathed heavily.
"Well, they think I lie..when I talk about a friend of mine..who can possess people."
"Do you mean take their body?"
"Yes, he can control who he wants...even act like them!"
"And how do you know he's him?"
I was so embarassed. He clearly didn't believe me. He was a psychiatrist. My parents tought I needed help, and so I was there, confused.
"Beacuse he told me so, and he made me think things I don't want to like lick his feet.."
In that very moment I saw the doctor eyes became blank and he remained silent.
" you ok?" I asked concerned.
"Sure Mike, just a little headache, go on"
I kept talking about Trevor, what he made me do, how many times.
"Listen Mike, do you mind if I take off my shoes?" he said removing them, and then he crossed his legs.

"Go on son" he said, and I kept talking, as long as he stopped me. 
"Trevor, don't you think these fantasies are such as an allarm device?"
"What do you mean doctor?"
"Have you noticed you've stared at my feet since I removed my shoes?"
It was true..but it didn't mean anything..

"I think you have a simple foot fetishism son, and you've invented trevor to justify it."
I was astonished. Could it be true? 

I remained silent. My cheek burned, showing how much I was ashamed!
"Do you want me to tell that your parents son?"
"No please!"
He smiled Trevor's smile.
"I knew you liked it." he said.

He had tricked me again! I was so confused!
He removed his socks and then said
"This doctor have such handsome feet, I'll let you decide if you want to lick them or not."

Whitout thinking I moved closer and started kissing them. My cock stiffened and it was the most exciting think the world.
Trevor smiled. 
"Finally you got it. It've take a while but now you know you're born to do this. It's so good!" He said enjoing my licking.

I couldn't stop.  
After a while my mom knocked at the door. 
He quickly wore his shoes and let her in.
"Hi doctor, how is him?"
"He's fine. Completely fine. Young men have a strong immagination, so don't be afraid." He said with the doctor's reassuring voice and my mum was visibly relieved.
Trevor winked at me then closed the door.
I knew I had a new friend!

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  1. please continue this story!! its so hot how about getting to control some policeman or a lawyer or some construction worker that is muscular and dripping with sweat