lunedì 20 aprile 2015


My mom was making dinner and I was studying in the kitchen, next to her.
Suddently she stooped slicing carrtos, turned towards me e smiled weirdly.

"What's wrong mom?" I asked.
"Dude! It's me! Phil!" She said in my friend's Phile voice. 
I was astonished.
"The body swap spell I found does really work!" he added, happily.
In that moment my 9 years old sister entered the kitchen.
"What's happening? I heard voices!" She said.
Phil smiled kindly, as my mom usually does.
"That's nothing sweetie" He said perfectly matching my mom's voice. "Dinner's almost ready! Go watch some tv while you wait!"
My sister hugged my "mom" and went away.

"Gosh Phil! You're good at that!" I said surprised.
He smiled mischievously.
"To be honest...this is not my first time. I did my first attempt at possessing her last week. Do you remember when your mom told you she had headache? was me!"
I was so confused!
"Why didn't you tell me?" I asked irritated
"Well...beacuse I had to understand if my disguise was credible! If I could deceive you...I could deceive your dad's too!" He said. 
"But why?" 

"Honey, is dinner ready?" Asked my impatient dad.
"Almost" Phil said and kissed him on his cheek then winked at me.
"Dude, I'm gay, you know, and your dad's a hottie!" he wisphered in his real voice.
I was incredulous!
"Last week we've fucked all night! And that was awesome!"

I blushed and he grinned.
"Don't blame me! I'll find a way to repay your silence! I promise!"
The dinner went normally, but knowing that Phil was in my mom's body was very weird. No one noticed anything and he kept the part.
During the night I couldn't help but thinking that in the other room my dad was fucking Phil without knowing it. I don't know why but that thought made me horny and I started to masturbate. 

When the morning arrived I haven't slept much and I had breakfast quickly. I looked suspiciously at my mom, but I thought she was herself. But...I wasn't so certain, and of course I couldn't ask!
I received a whasapp by an unknown numer with a pic of Mark Roland, one of the hottest guy in school.

"What do you think dude? Is it handsome enough for you? I've fucked your dad, now I want to fuck you"

And then another, with my gym instructor:

"Or do you prefer more muscles and less brain? I feel so hot in this body Dude!"

And again:

"I think I'm gonna wear Luis today he's so hot and plus: he's your classmate! See you at school!"

I felt my cock stiffening.

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