mercoledì 8 aprile 2015

Bad boy

"I've been a really bad bad boy" I said putting a finger on my sexy mouth, and showing the tatooes on my athletic body.
Mark was astonished!
"I asked you to shapeshift into my ex boyfriend just to go to that goddamn party! Now retake your real form!" He told me irritated.

"Come on sweetie! Don't you want to fuck him in his bubble but?

You told me he never left you fuck him!"
"Derek would never say something like that!" Mark answered. Oh god! I want him so much!
"Fuck me!" I repeted and showed Derek's perfect butt. Maybe I was beeing too sissy.
"I know you're not him. I love him, even if he left me."
"Don't you like me?" I asked.
"I like Derek, I told you. Now stop with this nonsense, and please let me sleep." 
It was late and I remained to sleep at his house, disappointed. 

Next morning I heard the doorbell and I went to the door.
"Open the door! I've been a jerk! Let me explain!" Derek said from outside the door. It was my chance!
I smiled and closed my eyes. Suddently my body started to change matching Mark's appearance. I put a pair of boxer and just one sock as if I had just waken up.

I opened the door faking surprise.
"Derek" I said in Mark's voice "What are you doing here?"
"I love you. You're my little tiger. I've been a fool yesterday."
I hugged him. 
He hugged me back without noticing I was starting to absorb him. He tried to scream but his mouth couldn't move and in few seconds only his clothes remained.I wore them, exited the door, getting ready to repeat the entire scene.  I shapeshifted into Derek again, and then rang.
When the real Mark opened the door I repeated his words mimicking his attitude perfectly this way and Mark didn't suspect a thing. 
"I love you little tiger, and to proved it I'm gonna let you fuck me this time" I said and his eyes shimmered.
I had the best fuck of my life, and I think I'm gonna be Derek for a while.

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