martedì 14 aprile 2015

My son

"Hey Jake" I told my son" What are you doing barechested?"
"Nothing.." He answered resting a hand behind his head.
"Are you ok?"
"I'm! Very fine indeed!" He said smiling.
"Go dress yourself now, your mom is about to come home!" I told him.
"Why dad, don't you like to see my chest? My skin is so smooth!" he said, playing with his nipples.
I couldn't help myself from looking at his young handsome body and he noticed it.
"And what about my ass?" he said lowering his trousers. 
I was astonished.
"Jake! Have you gone mad?"
"No dad, in fact I've never been better! What I want to tell you is that I know about you and Luis." He said smiling again.
How could he know that? Luis was my best friend, and my lover.
I understood I was gay after my marriage, and after Jake's birth. I felt in love with Luis, but I decided to end our story months ago, because I couldn't stand lying at my family.
"What?" I asked.
"I said that I know about you and Luis." He repeated.
"Easy dad....because I am Luis!" He answered and came closer stamping a kiss on my lips.
I pushed him away.
"Jake! That's unaccetable! You are really mad!" I nearly shouted.
"Hush!" he said "I told you silly, I'm not Jake!"
My eyes were narrowed.
"I used a possession spell, and now I can enter his body when I want!" he said in Luis voice. How was it possible.
"Little pie, it's me!" he added and looked at me with Luis usual expression.
" is it..possible?" I asked.
"When you left me, I had to find a way to stay with you! I used an old spell book..and here I am!"
I was scared..and excited.
"Don't worry for your son! He's fine. he's such as sleeping now! I love you!" he said. My heart melted. He was the man I loved, the man I 've always loved. 
In that moment I heard my wife closing the front door.
"It's my wife" I said.
"Don't worry Little pie" he said and changed his expression to match my son's usual bored face. Then he upper his trousers and quickly wore a shirt. After some minutes my wife came upstairs.
"Hey you two, what are you doing?" she asked.
My mouth was dry. I couldn't say a word. 
"Hey mom! We were just talking"  he said with my son's puppy eyes.
"What's for dinner?" He asked, as my son usually do.

"Meatloaf" She answered smiling!
"Awesome" he said and kissed her on the cheek.
She smiled and  went downstairs.
"So...was I good?" now he has his real voice.
"Oh my were perfect" 
"I know. I've studied your son for a lot of time, I can mimic him perfectly!We'll never be apart Little pie"


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