martedì 6 febbraio 2018

Big Brother

'No babe sorry, I can't make it for dinner' Luke said talking to his girlfriend while I was sucking his cock.
'Yeah, I know, sorry, but my brother needs me' he added 'He had some problems you school they think he's gay...yeah it would be disgusting...he needs his brother to teach him how to be a real man'
His cock was so hard, Could you imagine my big straight brother letting me sucking his cock?
'I miss you too babe, but I don't want a faggot in the family. Am I right?....Yeah I knew it. Now, why don't you call some of your friend and have a nice evening? Love you. Bye bye!'
'Keep sucking' he ordered ' your real brother'll never know what he's missing..'
I smiled...It was sooo hot having my boyfriend in my brother's body.
'We are going to stay a lot of time togher now, baby need to be taught how to be a real man'

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