giovedì 1 febbraio 2018


'Cindy stop!'  I cried ' You are in my dad's body now! You can't behave like that.
When nobody was looking she showed me her tongue. 
'Cindy!!!' I cried again.
'Look, Peter, I'm the witch, I can shapeshift and I'll do what I want!' she answered in her real feminine voice.
'B..but you can't!' 
'Didn't you ask Me to take you out  and pretend to be your dad?' she whispered.
'Yes...but'.. I said
'But what? Don't I look like your dad young man?' she said in my dad voice out loud. Now people were staring.
'Yes...' I said ashamed.
'Yes..what?' she asked faking anger
'Yes Ci..Dad...Yes dad' 
'So Don't you think I deserve some respect from you, young man?'
'Yes dad...sorry'
'Boys need discipline!' she said looking around and I saw some customer nodding with consent.
 'Now go take your old man a beer Peter' she said pointing at the bar.

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