giovedì 3 ottobre 2013

My Husband Is Back!

“Danny! Stop using your dad’s body like that!” I told my son when I found him completely naked in the living room. He swapped bodies with my husband a week ago, and we couldn’t find a way to swap them back; but I cannot permit him to masturbate in his dad’s body!
“Janine! It’s me! We swapped back, and I’ so happy to be in my body again!” he answered smiling.
“B-but how?”
“The effect lasted a week! And now I’m me again honey” And then he hugged me, and kissed me passionately. I felt his muscles against my body, feeling incredibly horny.
“That’s wonderful!” I started undressing and we made a wonderful sex. He was so strong and passionate; and then my son entered the room screaming.
“Honey calm down” I told him “ we didn’t want to shock you… but we waited so long!”
“Janine, HE’s our son, we didn’t swap back!”
In that very moment my husband slapped Danny.
“Stop confusing your mum. We swapped back. Right?”
My son seemed really scared, and he nodded.
“Good, now go to your room” said my husband firmly.
“Yes dad.”
I was so happy to have my husband back! I can defintely recognise him!

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  1. me gusto mucho la historia, es bastante buena, aunque es corta es interesante.