venerdì 4 ottobre 2013

What are you doing? - part 3

Paul was getting ready, wearing his white shirt, when he heard something. It was like a hiss, inside his ears.  What was it coming from?
And then the hiss became a voice.
“ Hi Paul. “ It seemed to say.
“ W-Who are you?”
“ Where are you going Paul?”
“ I-I’m meeting a friend.”
“ Yes. That’s true: you’re meeting Josh”
That voice… was familiar for Paul, but he couldn’t understand why. It came from his head!”
“I’m meeting Josh.” He answered.
“I know. Josh is my boyfriend. Haven’t you recognised my yet?” Said the voice. And then it came to Paul. The voice was Chris’s.
“You’re Chris!” he said “ How could you talk to me like that?! It’s like you’re in my head”
“I know. In fact…I’m in your head. You see…Josh told me he was busy today because he had to meet you! But I really wanted to spend some times with him”
Paul was shocked. How could it be possible?
“Y-you wanted to meet him? But you two hangs out every day!”
“ I know. But it’s not enough for me. I love him. But today he wants to see you. Do you understand?”
Paul was scared. Very scared.
“So, as I told you, I love him. But I want to stay with him as long as I can. So, I’m you.”
Suddenly Paul felt his body moving, out of his control. His body started undressing, following its own will.
“ What’s happening?” he thought, but he couldn’t say it because his mouth wasn’t his anymore.
“ I want to have some fun in your body, before meeting Josh. It’ll help me to bond with your body, and to gain some of your memories. I have to be honest: I really LOVE your cock.”
He started masturbating and Paul couldn’t do anything to stop him. It felt so good.
“I know you like it, but I’m sorry I can’t let you have memory of this stuff. I’ll have to change your memories.”
And then someone knocked on the door. Of course it was Josh.
“ Sorry bud, I’ve just jumped out of the shower, give me five minutes” Chris-Paul said.
It was terrible for Paul, seeing himself moving, and talking without his will.
“ I’m happy Chris’s become your boyfriend. He seems a nice guy. You’re like” he said.
“Yes, thank you. He was kind of upset when I told him I couldn’t meet him today, because of you”
“That’s normal! He loves you, and he wants to be with you every time”
Paul wouldn’t have said something like that! He didn’t like Chris, but he wasn’t able to say that.
At the end of the day, every memories faded from Paul’s head, and all he could remember is that he spent a great day with his friend Josh.

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