mercoledì 2 ottobre 2013

What Are You Doing - part 2

Oh my god! I didn’t imagine Mr Davis, Josh’s dad, had a so good-looking dick. I love it. And I totally love his body.
I knew he would be home, alone, at this time of the evening, and I wanted to try him for my very first time.
Since I told Josh about my power (and he told me he was gay) we started spending more time together; Things between us are going great! But he made me promise I wouldn’t use my power again, it scares him! He said that he wanted me to be myself without possessing other people.
 I thought I could live not using it, but I just can’t!
I was born with this power, that’s who I am. I love being someone else, stroking another cock like I’m doing now with his father’s. I decided to spend some time in Mr Davis’s body to keep an eye on Josh; I wanted to know what does he do when I’m not around. But now I’m starting to appreciate this body.
I looked at the clock: it was time to get dressed. I put on the suit Mr Davis was wearing when I possessed him, and then looked at myself in the mirror. If Josh discovered I was possessing his dad he would surely break up with me. I know he suspected I was still using my power, but I was determined to convince him it wasn’t true.
I heard the doorbell and I know it was time to verify my abilities of actor.
I copied the angry expression I’ve seen many times on Mr Davis face, and I opened the door.

“Josh! Why are you home so late?” I said with Mr Davis’s strong voice.
“Sorry dad, I didn’t catch the bus”
I love seeing him so scared of me.
“It doesn’t matter. You should have called. ”
“Where have you been?” I can ask this questions now that I'm his dad.
“I went to Chris’s house. But no one answer. I tried to call him on the phone…but nothing. ”
Fuck! Josh knew that when I possessed someone, my body falls asleep.  He is surely suspecting that I’m in someone else's body.
“Maybe he’s just sleeping. Next time call me saying you’re going to be late.” I answer.

His eyes met mine. What was he thinking? Was I acting strange?
“Are YOU really you, Dad?”
I was screwed!
“What do you mean Josh?” I tried to sound normal.
“What movie have we seen yesterday?” he asked.
I smiled. Josh didn’t know everything about my power. I didn’t tell him that I have full access to my host’s memories. I rapidly recalled the name of the movie and the “nick-name” Josh’s dad used to call him when he was a child.
“What a question Jo-jo! We’ve seen ‘the house’, and you were very scared. Have you forgotten?” Perfect! I’ve said things that Chris - I- couldn’t know at all.
Josh felt relief and smiled.
He hugged me.
“Sorry dad, next time I’ll call you”
“ Good boy. Now go call Chris. He’s nice guy.”
“Yes dad”
Everything was perfect.  I changed Mr Davis’s memories and then returned to my body to answer the phone. I was thinking to invite Josh over for the night, and I’m sure his dad would be ok with it!

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