martedì 1 ottobre 2013

My Black Boyfriend

Caleb was amazing.  I love black guys and kissing him was fantastic, his lips tasted very good. We had been an item for a while, and I was ready to take our relationship to the next level. That was going to be my very first time.
We were naked, in my room, and I was about to suck his cock.  “Did you hear?” He asked me.
We were alone in the house, and I haven’t heard anything.
“Tom? Are you home?” a female voice asked from downstairs. It was my mum! My mum was a catholic homophobic. She knew I was gay but he told me that if I didn’t “change”, she would have sent me to a reformatory. She hated gay, and black people too.
“Oh my God Caleb! You have to hide somewhere!” I pushed him away but he hit my library and a lot of books fell down.
“Tom? What was that noise?” asked my mum
“No…Nothing mum! It’s all alright!”

“I’m coming upstairs!”


I was really worried.
“Caleb, if my mum founds you, she’ll send me away! She threatened to send me in a college in Europe if I had gone on seeing you!”
“What?? Why didn’t you tell me that?” Caleb seemed very upset.
“I’m sorry baby, I didn’t want to frighten you.” I said “ There’s no solution”
Caleb closed his eyes, saying there was a solution.
“Answer quickly Tom, who’s a male person that your mother would accept in this room?”
“ W-What do you mean? I don’t know!”
“ Who do you live with? Just your mum and dad?”
“Y-Yes” I answered. What was he saying?
Then I saw a strong light and my mum entered the room.
She seemed surprised.
“Honey! What are you doing home so early? And Tom! Why are you naked?”

Who was she talking with? I looked at my side finding my dad seated on my bed.
“Tom called me, saying he wasn’t felling right! But it’s ok now! Our boy has become a man and he has some “man” problems.” My dad said smiling.
My mum looked embarrassed.
“Oh, I see” she said.
“Could you leave us alone now, darling?” My dad told her “ Please close the door.”
“Ok, I’ll be downstairs, making dinner”

I was so confused. What was happened?
“Dad, what are you doing here?” I asked him.
“Tom, I’m not your dad. Even I think you should get used to call me that”
“Haven’t you understood? I’m Caleb! I swapped with your dad. It was the only way I could save you.”
“Swap back then!”
“I can’t. I can’t swap back  for now, but I think it was necessary. I can’t leave you Tom.”
“And...Where’s my real dad?”
“He’s in my body. And he has forget everything about being your dad”
 “Honey!! Robert!!” my mum was calling.
“I have to go to her now. But don’t worry, things will change my love”.

Three months has passed since that day. My mum didn’t understand his husband is not himself anymore, because Caleb –emh- dad – is really good at playing the part. Every time we are alone, I suck his cock. I love him, and I know it’s really Caleb, and nothing will split us apart!

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  1. muy buena historia, me gusto mucho, es el primer body swap y es muy bueno, tal vez deberías publicar la misma historia desde la perspectiva de el padre, sigue asi, es muy bueno ver mas body swap!