mercoledì 18 settembre 2013

What Are You Doing? - part 1

“What are you doing??” I entered the room just while my brother was ejaculating.
“J-Josh” he said “ I didn’t know you were home”
“How could you not know? We had lunch together!”
I was shocked. My brother has always been very shy and reserved. And I just found him masturbating in the living-room!

“I-I’m sorry” he said, and then noticed that I was getting a boner. “Oh my god, josh…are you gay?”
I was even more shocked. How could he tell me something similar, in this situation.
“It’s not your business” And then I went away but he stopped me.
“Josh, I’m not your brother, I’m Chris”
Was he mad? How could he think I would believe something like this?
“Cut it of Josh, and don’t talk to me”
“No, It’s true, I’m Chris. Look!”
And in that very moment my brother collapsed on the sofa. And I heard the phone ringing. I answered. It was my dad.
“Dad! I have to call 911, something’s wrong with Josh!”
“No baby, I’m not your dad. I’m just using his body, and his voice. To prove you that I can posses people. It wasn’t your brother in the living room. But me possessing him. I’m Chris. I’m coming back in his body”
And then my brother rose.
“ Do you believe me now?” He said. “Your brother won’t remember anything of this. Or just what I want him to remember.”
How could I think that possible?  
“ I’m so happy I’ve found you’re gay. I tried to be with you possessing a lot of girls but you always refused my invites...”
“So..they...were you?” I asked.
“ Yes,  sorry. I’ve loved you since we were child. I have to come back to my body now, but first I’ll take this body to his room. I’ll call you later”
And then… my brother, kissed me and went away.

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  1. Awesome story, please do keep it up! :D

  2. I love this story. I really love just about any possession stories. You're doing a great job! Keep it up!