martedì 17 settembre 2013

My friend Tom - first part

“Yes! That’s the look!” I said to my friend Tom. “ You look exactly like him.”

Tom has the power to change his appearance, as he likes. He was sitting on a rock, near the sea, trying to mimic my uncle Luke.
“ Now try to say something”
Tom was very effeminate but he could change completely when he was mimicing someone; and I made him stay a lot with my uncle with different excuses because he needs to observe to copy.
“Hey bud, what’s up?” he said…or I should say, my uncle said! Because he was PERFECT now! I felt my cock hardening. I saw Tom noticing that but he kept the part, and the hard expression typical of my uncle.
“Look, your mother is approaching, let’s see if I’m good enough.” He said, and I saw my mum arriving.
“Marco, shouldn’t you be studying. Why are you at the beach? Hi Luke.”
“Hi sis’.I called him!” said Tom smiling “ I had and offer for this little buddy”
“Oh, what is it?” said my mum.
“You know I just won a holiday for two in Greece? Well I should have gone with Janet, but we broke up. And I thought it would be a fantastic experience for your son.”
He remembered exactly what I told him to say. I decided to arrange this plan,  when I discovered my uncle had won an holiday. Having a shape shifter friend is very useful.
“What do you think buddy?” he added.
“That would be fantastic!” I said.
My mum was smiling, and I knew I was about to have the greatest trip of my life. 

(to be continued...) 

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