martedì 17 settembre 2013

The Creature - first part

I was looking at myself in the mirror. I was only 18 years old and my body seems to be even younger. My arms were so small, maybe because I used to play videogames all day. I was the only one in the family to be so similar to my mum, short and thin: my older twin brothers were like my dad: strong and cocky.
"Andrew, dinner's ready" I heard my mum calling from downstairs.
My brothers were just returned from their soccer practice, and while eating I had to listen to my dad asking them about the game, with the enthusiasm he seems to have only in sports. I never had so much in common with him, and I hadn't anything to say, so I just ate. They were talking very excited of the match. All of them had dark hair, broad shoulder and squared face.

" How was your day, honey?" my mum asked me.
" Good". I just replied.
" Your teacher called, he told me you have been chosen for a math project in London. Isn't it wonderful Brad?"

Brad, my dad, barely listen to it, because he was so concentrated talking with the twins. He was wearing a shirt that shows his big muscled arms and a pair of shorts. it was hard not looking at him, so I was staring at my plate, eating silently.

" Brad, have you heard?"
" Yes Baby, that's cool." He forced himself to say and then caught me staring at his muscled crossed legs.
"What's wrong Andrew?"
" Nothing" I answered awkwardly "I was just thinking at the price of this London trip"
My dad made a face, and told me he couldn't afford to spend other money, because he has already paid two football trips for my brothers. It didn't matter. I didn't really care about that.

That night, before sleep, I was thinking. I've always known I was gay, but I never even kissed a boy, and the vision of my dad's legs has made me incredibily horny. I didn't know any other gays, and I was to scared to tell anyone of my homosexuality. This thoughts were making me sad and too apathetic toward everyone.

In that very moment I heard a crash, and suddenly something was in my room. I looked at the window: it was broken.
"Who's there?"
No one answered. I turn on the light and I saw a strange creature on the floor. It was little, dark and rounded, with two big blue eyes. I screamed, and the creature jumped towards me touching my arms. In that very moment I could hear him. His mental voice was high pitched and feeble.
Please don’t scream. I will not hurt you.
“What are you?”
A creature, just like you are. Please don’t hurt me too.
“ I don’t want hurt you.”
No one must know I’m here. I made a mistake. I felt. I can’t fly again.
“ I won’t tell”

Thank you Andrew.

“ How could you know my name?”

I’m touching you. I can read you. And you can read me. I’m very tired. I’ve travelled for so long, and I need to rest.

In the very moment this creature touched me I knew I could trust him. It was like I saw its soul, and it didn’t cost me anything let it stay.

“Andrew, what’s wrong with you? Why did you scream?”  My dad was knocking at my door.
“ It’s nothing, dad”
“I have to work tomorrow! You can’t scream like that with no reason. You know that? It’s 2 o’clock in the moring!”
In that moment he open the door and saw me and the creature. His eyes widened. He was wearing just his slips, and even in that bad moment I felt my cock getting harder. The creature must have felt it too, because he was still connected to me.
Before my dad could do anything the creature’s long arms touched him and he felt at the ground. He seems to be sleeping. I was scared.  I’ve never seen a big man like my dad senseless. I heard sound from the rest of the house. My brothers have awakened, asking out loud what was happen and I saw lights turning on in the hallway.
I was still in the bed, and I closed my eyes, my dad passed out near the door, and with a strange creature still in front of me.
I didn’t know what to do. My family would have blamed me.
My brothers entered the room.

“Dad, what was that sound?” I heard my brother asking

“Something must have fallen from outside” I heard the calm grave voice of my dad. “the window is broken”.
It was impossible. I opened my eyes and my dad, in slips, was standing near the window, checking it.
“ Are you ok Andrew?” he came closer. My cock was on fire.
“ But, was happened?” I asked trembling.
“ Did it hit you?” He asked checking my head.
“ No, of course not. I thought you…that thing”
“ Be calm son, it was just a dream.”
“ I..I”
“ Mark, Rob, go to sleep. It must have been some stupide joke. Maybe a friend of yours who wants to scare your brother.”
“ No, dad, is not our fault.” Said Rob. He was shirtless and worried.
“ Go now. “
The twins went muttering away.

I must have dreamed everything.

My mum was at the door, too.
“Honey what’s wrong?”
My dad sit down on my bed. “ We’ll have to repair the window.”
“That’s why you screamed Andrew?” asked my mother.
“Ok, Brad, I’ll wait you in bed”
“Yes Baby. I need to talk with Andrew”.

He seems angry. His eyes were so dark and strong, as he was. His square face had a little brown bear that makes him very masculine.
“You’ve been really brave.” my dad told me, smiling and then added out loud so everyone can hear him “I’ve enough of your strange things, Andrew. I’ll sleep here, to control you.”
What was he saing?
“I think I can play the part of this Brad, very well. If I can deceive your family, I can deceive everyone.” He showed me the sleeping body of my dad, hided under my bed.
“ I’m sorry if I’ve tricked you. I didn’t know what to do. Your dad saw me. I hope you’re not mad at me.”
“ No…I’m not.”

He smiled me his beautiful smile and then kissed on my lips. He tasted of beer and meat. Then, his big tongue was in my mouth, licking everything, and I could have died that very moment.
“ I think it was just a little bit out of part. Your dad shouldn’t do such things.”
I was speechless. But when I tried to talk he stopped me.
“ No speech now. I know you’ve wanted this so long, and I need to thank you”.
He moved closer, kissed me again and pressed his huge chest against mine. He moved my hand over his manhood. It was so big and hard, and he wanted me. I kissed his feet, his legs and I loved him like I’ve never imagined I could do.

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