martedì 17 settembre 2013

My friend Tom - second part

“Is it really necessary for me to maintain this look?” Tom asked me noticing that I was shooting a pic.  His voice was really hoarse and strong.
“Don’t you like it?” I asked smiling.
“If YOU like it so much, I’ll let you having the trip you’ve dreamed of! ” he answered and then closed the map and returned to the hotel.
“What do you mean?” I shouted, but he was gone.
I didn’t follow him, and I returned to the hotel 2 hours later.

When I was back I found him in the restaurant, having dinner.
“Look Tom, I’m so..,” I stared.
“Hey buddy” he said smiling “ sorry I didn’t wait for you to eat, but I was literally starving! Have a seat!”
“ No problem, look I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to offend you!” I said
“Hey buddy, what do you mean? Have you called your mum today?” And then he looked at a young lady who was calling him from another table.
“Who’s she?” I asked.
“Her name is Janine. You know, I’m single now.”
What did he mean?
The young lady approached us smiling at Tom.
“Hey Luke” she said “ are you ready to go?”
“Yes!” he answered standing up “ Hey buddy don’t wait for me tonight!” and then left.
I was shocked. He has acted exactly as my uncle would have done!

I waited for him in the room, still confused. Where was he gone? What was he doing?
He came back at 4:00 am, clearly drunk.
“ Tom, where have you been?”
“ Again this Tom! Who’s Tom? Are you drunk little buddy?”
“ No, Tom you are drunk. What’s happened?”
His eyes went on fire “ I’M LUKE! UNDERSTOOD?” he shouted. “ LUKE!”
I was so scared. My uncle was very strong and he was holding my right arm. He was hurting.
“ Y-Yes, I’m sorry” I said
“ I hate when you call me in strange names. You’re sick! Who’s Tom?”
“ N-No one. A friend of mine…”
“ Ok, Now let me sleep. If your mum knew you would be awake at 4 in the morning, she wouldn’t let you come.”
He started undressing and then went to sleep, completely naked. As my uncle always did.

Next day we went to the beach. But the person next to me wasn’t Tom. He was my uncle. In every way. It was natural for me starting to call him always “uncle Luke”. And he was friendly and normal. In my mind I was starting thinking of him as my uncle.

One day I was looking at him from the bar. He was sitting at the beach, reading a sport magazine. And then, I saw his eyes. There was a sad look I’ve never seen in my uncle’s face. That expression was Tom’s.  He was Tom. And he was mimicking my uncle.  I knew what to do.

I went to him “Uncle Luke, I feel sick, could you help me to the room?”
I saw concern in his eyes.
“Sure buddy, what’s wrong?”
“I just need to rest” I lied.
He took my arm and then accompanied me to the hotel.
When we entered the room I hugged him and said quickly:
“ I know you’re Tom, silly. I can look into your eyes. And I love you Tom”
And then kissed him. It was fantastic having Tom’s tongue in my mouth.
He kissed me again, and again. And then we made love.  Two times.
While we were lying on the bed, he looked suddenly sad and I knew what was he thinking.
“ I didn’t make love with my uncle, Tom. I made love with you. My uncle’s appearance makes me horny, it’s true. But I love you. I was just kidding wanting you as my uncle.”
Tom was silent. But when his eyes met mine, I knew he loved me too.
“ I don’t know Marco.” He said.
“Yes you know. And for the next few days of the trip, change your shape!” I said smiling.

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