martedì 17 settembre 2013

The Creature - second part

Next morning my mum came to wake me up.
“Honey, you’ll be late for school”.
My heads hurts because I felt asleep at four in the morning.  I jumped from the bed and got dressed, for the first time happy. In the kitchen I found my brothers and my “dad” having dinner. I looked at him.
Gosh, it was so good at playing his part. The way he was reading the newspaper and crossed his leg was my dad’s way. My brothers was talking about the game and my “dad” started answer them getting excited. Could have the last night been just a dream?  My dad didn’t notice me while I approached the table and start eating the eggs my mum cooked.
“And than Mark hit up!” My brother was saying.
“You’re a great player son!” my dad told Mark laughing.

I didn’t know what to do. Whit an excuse I left the kitchen and went into the room. The window was still broken, but nothing was under my bed.
“ Hey weirdo, where are you?” shouted my brother Rob from downstairs. I need to find a way to talk to “my dad”. I called him. No one answered. I called again, and again, and then he came into my room.
“ What the fucking you want?”
I hugged him and try to kiss him, but he pushed me away in anger.
“ You little faggot! I knew you were sick, but how dare you?”
And then he hit me on my face making me fall at the ground. He reached me trying to make me stand up when suddenly he stopped. My brother Rob was watching us, horrified. He came closer e whispered : “stop Brad.”
My father let me go. He seemed arrested. My hands were full of blood.
“ You won’t ever hit Mark again. Your are his slave as much as mine.” Said Rob.
“ Yes” my dad muttered.
What was happening?
“ Now we have to justify your bruises. “ Told me Rob, and then said to dad:
“ Keep acting as usual, no one must know you are our slave. Forget your last 5 minutes. You entered here and found me punching Andrew. Are you ready slave?”
“ Yes”.

My dad blinked and then started to shout at Rob, saying he was grounded for hitting me.
“ Rob what’s happening?” I asked.
“ I’m not Rob, Andrew. I’m the one you call creature” Said my brother smiling in his usual way. I flushed.
“ Do you like my smile, Andrew? I can keep smiling as long as you want”. 
“ I can play any part and being your dad would have made me stay away from you too long. He needs to go to work. I decided to be your brother instead.”
“ And my dad…”
“ He’s just a slave. Try him. Call him slave and ask his something your dad won’t do.”.
Andrew thought a little and then said:
“ Slave, show me you ass.”
He unlocked his trousers and show me his muscular butt.

“ Slave, I want you to talk to mum, say her that my teacher called you and told you it won’t be school today. Then kiss her and suggest her to leave us home alone, and give her a ride to the closest beauty shop, then go to work. Act Normal.”
“ Yes sir”

My mum was so happy of dad’s ideas but my brother Mark kept saying that today was a school day.
“ Son, I talked with your brother’s teacher. Shut up.”
“ Yes, Mark. I knew it too. You’re a Jerk.” Said Rob and the winked at me.
I forgot about my brother.
“ Mark, why don’t you go with mum if you miss school so much?”  Said Rob.
“ I don’t want. Who fucking cares of a beauty shop!”
“ Do as your brother says Mark.” Ordered dad. He was a good slave. No one would have said he was not himself.
I was about to have all day to have fun with the creature! I was so excited! 

“Just one more thing” Said Rob after they left.
He took the phone.
“ Good morning. I’m Mr Parker.” Said in my dad’s voice “ My sons won’t be at school today because of a medical exam…yes, all of them. Sorry to inform you so late. And  about that London trip Andrew was chosen for…yes.. I will pay what you need.”
Listen to him talking with my dad’s voice has been so exciting. And my brother Rob had a nice body. It was going to be a wonderful day.

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  1. oh había leído esta historia hace unos días me había imaginado a el padre un poco diferente

  2. they are the twins, not the father

    1. Estoy hablando de la historia en general. el padre y los hermanos

  3. It would be great if this had a third part

    1. I agree! Make a 3rd part PLEASE!!

  4. Why you don't write the third part?

    1. Ezky, you could help me! Send me something at