sabato 5 ottobre 2013

What would dad do?

Trev, Do you think your dad would do that face?” I asked. “ And come inside! I don’t want anyone to see you like that!”
Trev is only eight years old, and he’s trapped in his dad body.
“But mum, I wanna play outside!” he was saying.
“I know honey, but that’s not possible. They would think your dad has gone mad!”
The worst was that her real husband seemed to have forgotten everything about his identity! He thought he was her son. That was very confusing, so she has sent her real husband (in his son’s body) to her parent’s house. One child was enough to deal with. 
“mum, I can behave! Please! Let me play here!”
“I don’t think so. Please go inside now, and let me think what to do.”
What could she do? She felt lost! She was alone, without a husband, and a son.
She was looking at the sky, trying to relax, when here son comes outside again. He was wearing a nice dark shirt that showed all his dad’s muscle.
“Trev! Please..”
“Jenny. I don’t know what was I thinking, but it was just a joke.”
“Honey, I didn’t think you’ve really believed that me and Trev swapped bodies!”
“Sorry Jenny, Can you forgive me?” and then he kissed her. It was a wonderfull kiss.
Was it really just a joke?
“Y-yes I forgive you.”
His husband smiled his usual smile.
“But tell me” she said, “ What did we do at our first anniversary?”
He seemed anxious, like a child.
“E-emh” he stammered.
“Don’t worry. We’ve watched a movie.” She said “ Will you remember that?”
“Y-yes honey”.
And the she kissed him again; she was tired and horny. Maybe that was the best solution.

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