martedì 10 marzo 2015

Alien Dad

This is me and dad during last summer. My mom took this picture while he was smiling at her.
We were at the lake, enjoying our holiday, but it wasn't a very good moment for me. Even if in the picture I'm smiling, I had a lot of fights with my dad because he found out I was gay and he didn't accept that.
Once we were arguing in the woods:
"I won't have a gay son!"
"But dad! What can I do about it?" I answered nearly crying
"That's your problem!" He said.
Then, we heard noises from the wood and a strange kid suddently walk by. Without noticing me e attacked my dad. He melted himself into a silver liquid and then entered my dad's mouth. I was scared as hell! I knew what was happening! I have always been interested in alien, and as long as I remeber I always read a lot about it! And I knew it existed some kind of species with the ability to possesses human body by entering them!
My dad's body had some spasms then he stopped, and suddently what seemed like an FBI agent arrived.
My "dad" opened his eyes widely and I knew he wasn't my dad anymore.
"Hey you!" the cop said "What are you doing here?"
There was silence. Maybe IT was thinking what to do. 
"We're just walking, agent. Something's wrong?" I said.
My dad looked at me surprised, maybe he was asking himself why I didn't say anything. The agent seemed suspicious.
"Do you guys know each other?"
I smiled.
"Of course Agent, he's my dad!"
The alien put a hand on my shoulder, in a fatherly way, and then spoke mimicking my dad's voice:
"Have we done something wrong agent?" 

"Have you always been togheter?" He asked
"Of course! " I answered " We were talking! But why all these questions?"
The agent relaxed he apologyzed and then ran away.
The alien sighed in relief, looking at me in the eyes. I just smiled.
"Thank you. You saved me." he said in an alien voice. "And I'm sorry"
"Why?" I asked
"Your dad dosen't exist anymore now. I had to do this, they were looking for me to study my specie" 
I was astonished. 
"Can you keep pretending to be him?" I asked concerned.
"Of course son, I have his body and all his memories. I could fool anyone" He said in his voice.
"Even my mom?" 
"My lovely wife? Of course I remember everything! And I remember we were fighting son, about your sexuality! I've been a fool"
I couldn't stop a tear from sliding.
"I'm proud of you son" He added.
"Gosh, you're good at play the dad's part" I said.
And then he kissed me.

We've been a couple since then. The alien decided to remain in my dad's body.
When my mom is around he plays the part of my dad perfectly, when we're togheter things are different! I love him so much.

thanks to Male Transformation Blog for the inspiration**

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