venerdì 20 marzo 2015


I was playing with my 14 y.o friend Alex. I was 15.
He told me he has found a book with a body transformation spell, he just needed some clothes of the body he wanted to trasform in. 
"What a stupid thing!" I said.
"It's not stupid!" he answered "It's real!"

I kept not believing him, so he told me to give him something of mine. I give him my shirt and he wore it, then said some strange words and suddently his body started to change...INTO MINE!
It was like looking in a mirror.
He smiled at me.

"Do you believe know?" 
I nodded scared and excited.
He went out my room and I heard him talking with my voice.

"Hey dad, could you lend me a pair of trousers?" 
"Sure Tim, take them from my wardrobe, I'm in a hurry! I have to go out right now!"
He came back with a pair of grey trousers, and wore them.
His body changed again, getting taller, and in some second he was a copy of my dad.

He struck a pose and asked:
"Do I look sexy?" Then started laughing.

In that very moment my mom come in.
"Oh Honey" I thought you had to go to work! What are you doing bare chested??"
He smiled mimicking my dad's smile

"No Sweetie, I'll stay home tonight! They called me from work telling me I can stay." He said with sincere eyes, then looked at me with a grin. 
She seemed happy  hugged him, and kissed him.
It was horrible! 
"No mom! Don't do that! He's not really dad!" I tried to tell her, but she seemed confused.
"He's Alex!" I added.

Alex started laughing, and my mom followed him.
"Why don't you believe me! He has this power!"
"Now stop it Tim! It's dinner time!" She said and then left.

He grinned again, and followed my mom.
"Be quick Tim!" he said from the kitchen.

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