martedì 31 marzo 2015

Bullied Again!

"Mike, come here!" I heard my dad calling me from outside the house. When I saw him, with his bare feet on the table I knew what was happening: Trevor was possessing him. Again.
"Oh No, Trevor Please!"
"Don't call me Trevor son, and besides, who would ever believe you?" He said with an evil grin.
"What do you want?" I asked already knowing the answer.
He smiled my dad's gentle smile, and moved a feet closer.
"You know what I want Mike, don't you want to play with you're old man feet?"
I didn't anwer.
"Why are you doing this?"
"Because you're a little faggot!" He answered with his real voice grinning. "You're shit! And you deserve to lick your dad's feet"

I heard my mother closing the door behind her.
"Boys I'm home!" She said.

Trevor stood up and changed his expression and cleared his troath recalling my dad's voice.
"Mike, What your principal told me is inacceptable!" He said out loud simulating anger.
"W...what Trevor, please" I answered in fear.
"What's happening here?" Asked my mom approaching us in the patio.
"Oh welcome home honey, I didn't hear you coming!" He said perfectly matching my dad's attitude.
It was the first time I saw Trevor acting like my dad with someone else, and FUCK he was good! I cound't recognize him myself!
"Mike's principal called." He said faking concern "He told me Mike got out of order lately. He expecially misbehaved with Trevor, his classmate!"

My mom was furious! She told me I was grounded for the rest of the month!
That's what happen if you don't obey Trevor!

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