lunedì 2 marzo 2015

My weird son

I had just found in my son's room what seemed to be bodysuits made of skin! They were hidden in the closet.
I was confused.
Trevor always seemed to be a normal boy, what did those suits mean?
I touched one of them. It was warm, and soft, like human skin. The creepiest thing was that some of them lookes like my son's friend, and they were full of detail. One of them looked like my son and I instictly took it. I felt the tentation of wearing it and I did. I got naked and then  I put my feet inside its and then all my body. It suddently started to fond my body with the bodysuit and then I had my son's body!! Then I put the mask above my face and the transformation was perfect! 

"What are you doing naked Kyle?"
My wife asked me. I didn't hear her returning home.
"Errr.." I said.
OMG I even had my son's voice!
" was just getting dressed"
She seemed confused, but she didn't say anything. I was in big trouble!/what if my son would come home now? For now I decided to play the part and wore a pair of my son's jeans and a t-shirt.
"How was your school day?" my wife asked me.
"Ok" I answered like he would have done and entered "his" room. I closed the door behind me and sit on the bed. I suddently felt my cock stiffening. Or better say, his cock. I hold it with my hand feeling it growing. Oh my god. Why was I so excited? I couldn't keep myself and start masturbating looking at my new body in the mirror. 

After what seemed to be an hour my wife called me from downstairs.
"Trevor! Dinner is ready!" she said.
I climbed down the stairs happily: I was starving! And then I saw HIM. Sitting at my place at the table, there was an exact copy of me, wearing my work suit. He smiled to me.
"Hi John, were you studing?" he asked me as I always do with my son at dinner. I was astonished. My mouth was dry.
"Stop it! Let him eat!" my wife told my copy.
"I'm just worring about his studies, honey" he answered. For all the dinner he kept acting like me, talking about work, and sports and making my wife laugh. When my wife went in the kitchen to take the desserts, he winked at me and said:
"So dad, am I convincing? Did she noted something?"
As I suspected! He was my son!
It was wearing a bodysuit of me! And he looked perfect, he has my eyes, my expression, my hair.
"T...Trevor! How" I tried to say.
"Hush!" He said " She's coming back! Just play your part, SON" 

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