venerdì 22 dicembre 2017


'Brittany , Mommy has to go for a while. Do you want to remain at the beach?'
'Yes mommy' Answer the little girl
'If you wanto to stay you can stay, but you need to shapeshft'
'But mommy... I don't want to! I can't play with my friends if I shapeshift!'
'I know honey..but it's safer! Don't you want to be safe?'
'Now go in that cabana  and shapeshift into your uncle Mike'
The little girl went unwillingly into the first cabana and a hunky man came out after a little while.
'Are you happy now?' he asked in a girly voice
'Ush! Speak in your uncle's voice!'
'ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?' he said in a loud manly voice.
'Yes MIKE! Now get laid and don't talk to strangers!'

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