mercoledì 6 dicembre 2017

We're not your friends

"Listen kid, we're not your friends" Said Andrew in a weird gruffy voice.
"To be honest...they're dead now!" added Brian adjusting his hat.
"We know you saw us entering them, and we want you to keep the secret".
 "Yes, we are old as fuck and we wanted some new young bodies, and we chose these. What? You think someone will found out? 
Oh kiddo, no one will ever find out, except you" 
 "What? You don't think two old men could act like 2 boys?? You are so wrong Brat, We have all their memories, we know who you are, we know their girlfriends, we know everything we need to know!"

Peter was scared...could it be a prank? voice, their attitude was completely different..
" What do you want from me?"
" Whe want you to choose" Said the boy who was Brian. "From now on we want you to act like you saw nothing.  Agreed?" 
 " I don't know..."

In that very moment  Andrew's girlfriend arrived and sit on his boyfriend's knees.
" Hey babe! I've missed you soooo much!" he said in Andrew's normal voice. 
" Andrew..I was wainting for you! "
" Sorry babe, we were just talking 'bout something! " He answered and winked at Peter. He was very good acting like fact no one could ever suspect.
Andrew went away with his body's girlfriend and Peter remained just with Brian.
" Did you see kiddo? We can fool anyone" he said with his weird voice. Peter was astonished!
" You need to choose. Will you be our friends..or you want us to possess you too? Not a problem for me, I like your skinny body!"
It was absourd to hear Brian who was so eterosexual, speaking about Peter's body. 
" What's that?" He said pointing at my shorts. "Look like you got a boner kiddo! This body his straight, but I'm not. We could have fun!" 
I didn't answer. What could I do? I liked Brian,,,but It wasn't Brian at all! He seemed to read my thoughts and added in Brian's normal voice:
"Peter, It's me Brian! I just want to spend some time with you! We've been friends since...forever! And you and my girlfriend aren't going so well...Do you have time for your old  buddy?"
Peter looked at his eyes. Brian's eyes.
"That's true old man...You could fool anyone. Yes.....Brian..I would love to spend some time with you!" 

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