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My friend Tyler - part 3

* **Tyler***

'He he' Thought Tyler ' Phil is under the table and he surely noticed his dad's erect dick'.
Tyler made Phil'dad smiling and wink at himself. It was very hot to see.
'Phil are you ok down there?'  Asked his father faking concern
 'Y..yes dad..just grabbing this from under the table' he answered
showing the napkin.

In that very moment the telephone rang and phil went to answered. 
It was his Grampa calling. Phil's grampa was a  strongh and kind man, very well builded.
Tyler recollect from his host body all his memories regarding his dad. He found out they had a fishing trip planned for tomorrow.
It was the perfect occasion for the second part of his plan!

'Tomorrow I'll have big work to do...I must leave Phil's dad body for the night and rest.' thought Tyler.

Phil's granfather arrived very early in the morning and Tyler decided to use Phil's dad to welcome him.

' Hi dad!' I said
' Oh, hello Joshua!' 
' Where are the boy? Are you ready to leave?'
' Sure ' Tyler said ' But I need to do something first' and then  put a hand on the old man's forehead and did exactly what he did with Phil's dad: put part of himself in him.

Phil's father collapsed and tyler looked from the old man eyes.
'Perfect' he said ' Phil needs his old man to teach him something more.' 
He took Phil's dad unconscious body and hide it in the kitchen.What a wonderfull strogh body this man had!
Tyler woke up in his real body and he found Phil getting dressed.

"Hey dude!" he said
"Good Morning tyler, I think my grampa is arrived! I heard some noise from downstairs"
"Ok! You two will go fishing?" said Tyler
"My dad will come too! Do you want to join us?"
"No thanks, I have to come back home!" 
 they both went downstairs and found Phil's granfather waiting for them.

"Hello boys" he said with his strong voice "Are you ready to go fishing?"
" Hi Grampa!" Phil said and hugged him. Tyler loved hugging Phil trought his grampa's strong arms.
" I'm not coming, unfortunately I have to come back home!" Said Tyler from his real body.
" That's ok young man, I'll take just my grandson" 
" Where is dad?" Asked Phil
" He had something to do and he left! I think we'll be just the two of us for today!" Said Phil's Grampa.
 Tyler left leaving just Phil whit his beloved Granfather.
"Before we leave do you mind if I take a quick shower?" Asked the old man
" Grampa, no problem" 
"Thanks Phil..another thing.." 
"Yesterday when I took a shower..I was about to fall! I'm an old man you know..Do you mind helping me shower?"
"Oh not at all!" Phil said
Tyler went to the bathroom, removed the old man's shirt and took a selfie.

'Nice body for an old man..' He whispered smiling 'I'm sure your grandson would like to suck these nipples'.

*** Phil ***

Phil knocked at the bathroom door. He felt both excited and embarassed. 
'Come inside' Commanded his Grampa. 
When he opened the door he saw the old man's big arms and chest and felt his cock stiffening.
'Oh My god! I can't have an erection with my Grampa' he thought
'Are you alright son?'
'Y...yes Grampa'
'Good, would you mind washing my back?'
Phil did what he was told, but couldn't help but thinking about how beautifull that big back was.
'Listen son'
'Have I ever told you how proud I am having you as my grandson?' the old man whispered in Phil's ear.
'Well I am' he added and then hugged Phil with his strong arms.
Phil felt his grampa's chest and body on his; his grampa's aroma was mesemerizing. Phil didn't know why but he was keeping it inside since so long...he moved closer and kissed his grampa on his cheek. His grampa kissed him back on his lips and they couldn't stop their feeling anymore.

Part 4?

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