lunedì 4 dicembre 2017


"Honey, don't forget the sunscreen!" said the young men on the left
"Yes dear, and be carefull the water is really cold!" added the one on the other beach chair.

When I told my mom and unt that I was feeling emabrassed by the way they were acting at the beach I wouldn't imagine the consequences!
They were always telling me what to do in front of my friends, and I'm not a child anymore!
"Please! I don't want my friends to think I'm a child, always with my mother and unt! " I told them the day before
" But honey we want you to stay safe, and have fun!"
"I know mom! But I can't have fun with you around!"

So they tought about...shapeshifting into 2 of my friends: the hottest!
"This way nobody will mock you for being with us!" said my aunt
"And we can keep an eye on you" my mom added smiling!
Why did they choose Fred and Peter?? It was so hard not looking at their bulge!
"Honey let me put some sunscreen on your back! and Then let us sunbathe for a while!"

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