venerdì 29 dicembre 2017

Is it really Necessary?

' Is it really necessary?'  Paul asked
' What? ' said Nathan
' You know I don't like having Joshua around!' 
' I know...he's your ex, but I love this bodysuit! Look at these muscles!'
 Nathan is Paul's roomate and since he found out about his bodysuit collection he started to wear them at home! 
' Yeah..I know those muscles very well...but he's a jerk! '
He waited...and then spoke exactly with Joshua's attitude
'Look Nathan, I'm sorry I cheated on you..I love you!'
'Nathan! why are you doing this?'
' Come on Paul! Wouldn't you like to lick these feet just another time? Or suck this cock? Just pretend I'm him'
Nathan undid Paul's belt and start sucking his cock instead. Paul loved the sensation of his bastard boyfriend's lips moving on his cock. They fucked all night and it was Paul's best fuck with Joshua.

During the night Joshua woke up and opened to the closet's door. Inside there was the real Nathan, bound and gagged.
'I'm gonna set you free.' Joshua said ' But if you say something to Paul about today I'm gonna kill you. I'll keep fucking him pretending to be his beloved roomate, and you'll pretend it is true.'
Nathan Nodded.
' Now wear the bodysuit with my face and go sleeping with Paul, I've my actual boyfriend waiting for me'.

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